Postgame Quotes - December 21, 2013

Pistons vs Rockets

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Josh Smith
Houston: Kevin McHale | Chandler Parson | Dwight Howard

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On Andre Drummond defending Dwight Howard): “I’m sure it was (a learning game). Not just for Andre (Drummond) though. It’s not a one-on-one game. This is a five-on-five game when you’re out on the floor. Andre was playing against a really good player. Andre is a young player, got a little ways to go. Yes, it’s a learning experience but it’s not a one-on-one game.”

(On team coming together): “We are still trying to get better, night in and night out. As I said to our players, there will be some nights when we will have good nights; there will be some nights when we have bad nights. Last night and tonight was not our best for sure. It was just not our best. We have to regroup, take our time and get ready for Cleveland.”

Pistons Forward Josh Smith

(On how to stop Dwight Howard): “Most of the time, match his (Dwight Howard’s) physicality. It’s kind of hard because you have to try to take away something, tonight we didn’t do it. They were able to knock down some 3-pointers and when he had the ball in the post he’s effective.”

(On last night’s loss and its effect): “In this business you have to have amnesia, you have to throw last night’s game away and be able to focus on a pretty good team that came in tonight.”

(On playing 21 games in 35 days) “I don’t know, I don’t want to use that as an excuse it’s just the nature of the beast. You just have to learn how to take of your body as a professional and be ready to go out there and play.”

Houston Head Coach Kevin McHale

(On Dwight Howard): "He played really well. He has been on a really good roll the last three weeks. Guys are getting a little more comfortable playing off of him. He was fantastic tonight."

(On role players): “I thought Aaron (Brooks) had a good game tonight. I thought Patrick (Beverley) really started off well. We are not going to have Patrick for a while which means that Jeremy (Lin) is due to come back."

(On overcoming adversity): "We just have to go out there and play. It does not matter how many guys we have. It does not matter who is playing or who is not playing. We just have to go there and play together and play with some toughness. Toughness and togetherness overcomes a lot of stuff."

Houston Forward Chandler Parsons

(On game): "It was a huge win for us because Detroit is a very talented team. We're tough to beat no matter who's playing on our team. We have a very deep bench."

(On Dwight Howard): "Dwight was unbelievable tonight. He completely dominated the game."

(On Andre Drummond): "I'm a big fan of Andre Drummond. I think he's got a lot of potential and he's a real good player."

Houston Center Dwight Howard

(On Andre Drummond): "He'll find his niche. It takes a couple years and he's got some of the best guys around him. I think he'll be fine."

(On game): "I just told my teammates to trust me and understand we play inside-out. I try to make the best plays I can for this team and I just want to win. The most important part about winning is getting everyone involved and we did an excellent job tonight."