Postgame Quotes - December 20, 2013

Pistons vs Bobcats

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Brandon Jennings
Charlotte: Steve Clifford | Al Jefferson | Cody Zeller

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On losing the lead): “It flips. I think I said to our guys in there and I said it to you guys earlier about the way leads come and the way leads go. It just kept steamrolling and steamrolling. Once they got into that rhythm, we just couldn’t stop them. They just kept going. Al Jefferson, as good as a post player he is; ball gets in his hands late in the game, letting him score, and it just kept going from there.”

(On start of fourth quarter): “I thought we had a lay-up to put us up 16 starting the fourth and we missed it. They come down, as you said, on a 7-0 run. We were just on our heels. We couldn’t make shots. We couldn’t get stops and that’s pretty much the game.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings

(On losing): “We just lost focus. It happened so fast, I really don’t know what to say. It’s kind of unbelievable what just happened.”

(On closing games): “It’s just funny that we finish games better on the road than we do at home. Usually you would think it’s the opposite.”

(On the Bobcats): “This is not the same Bobcats of five years ago. They’re right in the playoff line right behind us or probably ahead of us now, we knew that going in. Right now the Eastern Conference is, like I said, you lose a couple games you could be right out of it.”

Bobcats Head Coach Steve Clifford

(On game): "That is not a coaching thing to be honest. You either have guys that are going to fight and be good competitors or you do not. Especially when you’re on a road trip, as you know we are about to play five-of-seven (road games) and I remember when I was working for Jeff Van Gundy a long time ago with the Knicks, he said, ‘you either have the right kind of guys or you do not.’ We have the right kind of guys. Good competitors who fight for the win."

(On Al Jefferson): "He got it going in the fourth and then in the third quarter Gerald (Henderson) and Kemba (Walker) kept us close enough to get in the game. To be honest it was our defense early in the fourth with Bis (Bismack Biyombo) and Cody Zeller. They were more aggressive in the pick-and-rolls and they caused some turnovers and we were able to get it down to a workable number and then obviously Al (Jefferson) late was terrific."

(On team rebounding): "We have been working hard on it and obviously it was the same thing in Toronto which we have to stop. We rebounded a lot better in the second half in Toronto than we did the first half and tomorrow night it has to be 48 minutes."

Bobcats Center Al Jefferson

(On game): "They (Pistons) played real well in the first half, but we weren't playing our game. We were letting them do what they wanted to do. Second half started off the same way, but then Cody (Zeller), Biz (Bismack Biyombo), and the second unit really came out and set the tone. When they set the tone, we got back in the game and finally got it going.”

(On comeback win): "It's big, it's real big. Especially for a team like us trying to prove ourselves. We came back from 20 points down and we just kept fighting, and stayed together."

Bobcats Center Cody Zeller

(On game): "It was real tough in the beginning. We just stayed together and hung in there. Guys started making shots and we started playing better defense, especially in the second half. In the fourth quarter, we got some stops, went on a run, and never looked back."

(On Al Jefferson): "He played great tonight. He made some tough shots and carried us in the fourth quarter. He was able to play his game tonight and got good looks down in the post."