Postgame Quotes - December 17, 2012

Pistons vs Clippers

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Tayshaun Prince
Los Angeles: Vinny Del Negro | Willie Green | Matt Barnes

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On turnovers) "Yeah, hey look, first play of the third quarter; and that's the thing, obviously we've talked about the ability to turn it over, and you've got to take care of it. They force turns that lead to dunks, it's hard to defend, and many times that turn is the first pass of their fast-break. So we had too many of those. But also look, we did enough defensive things, good enough, obviously to have a chance to win the game, but when you're going against a team that steals, strips and is very, very aggressive, everything has to be sharper. You know, the pace of your cuts, how hard you screen, your passing angles, your ability to pass the ball on time and on-target, your ability to convert when they put two on the ball, proper spacing and recognition. Think, we called two timeouts just to save balls, we had two turnovers on dead-ball situations, a side out and a baseline out. We just got to, again, be a little bit sharper and actually a little bit better, because margin of error, you know, when you're going against other good teams, the things we need to control we just got to focus on, we just have to continue to work at and get better."

(On the fourth quarter and Rodney Stuckey) "Well, look, we know the fourth quarter is played completely different than the other three. This is a playoff team now, and they get it. It's played harder, tougher, more intense and smarter. We had enough to win tonight, and obviously Rodney [Stuckey] is a very good player, but they're without [Chauncey] Billups and Grant Hill, I haven't heard them complain about it once, and they've won 10 in a row. That's when we have to be more precise with how we do things, especially when you're going up against pressure. Your screenings have to be great, your set-ups have to be good, the timing has to be precise, the pacing with which you play have to be right. You have to know it's going to be harder. It's the fourth quarter, then as you get into the last six minutes, then it gets to another level. You know these are things that we're going through, and we have to be able to just be more precise and have to continue to do a better job.

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

(On having a difficult time manufacturing an offense) “In spurts we played well offensively. We’d take a couple quick shots here and there, and they would get out and do their thing. I thought we did some good things on the offensive end a majority of the game and got most of the shots we wanted.”

(On giving up numerous turnovers in the second-half) “We played a good first half. In the beginning of the third, once we turned it over a couple times and let them get out, it was to their advantage. You have to continue to take care of that basketball and when they shoot high-percentage shots we know of what type of team they can be and what they will do. We played good in spurts, and that’s been our trend.”

Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

(On game) "We could never get our rhythm. We did a pretty good job defensively up high and they got some offensive rebounds at the end but we were able to convert when we needed to. Every time we made a run we just could not get away from them. We did not shoot it very well, especially from the three. We just could not convert some things to get away from them but we battled.

(On going undefeated on the road): "It is part of the process for us but I think the guys handled it, obviously, much better but tonight was a game early in the season we might have lost. We are learning how to win together when things are not going perfect and we have to find a way and tonight things definitely were not perfect but we found a way."

(On team effort): "Guys gutted it out. We got a lot of good performances from a lot of guys. Everyone stepped up at a certain time. Jamal (Crawford) made some shots, Chris (Paul), Blake(Griffin), Lamar(Odom), defensively Matt (Barnes); so just a total team effort and that is what it takes."

Clippers Guard Willie Green

(On team)" We had to gut this one out. It was the last game on the road. We have been on the road for seven days, four games and our legs might have been a little tired but it says a lot about us to be able to come in and get this win against a team that is very competitive."

"Tonight was a good test. It was a tough win but we are graduating a little bit as a team but as unit we can come in here and get a win especially in the last game of being on the road."

Clippers Forward Matt Barnes

(On game) "We just have to keep getting better. We know if we control the defensive end then we are a hard team to stop on the offensive end. Tonight was not pretty but this team finds ways to win games and that is what we did tonight."

(On team chemistry):"It is hard to do but we are still making progress on both ends of the court. By half the team being new it just took us a while to get to trust each other but I think we are coming along as far as that goes."