Postgame Quotes - December 15, 2012

Pistons at Nets

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Andre Drummond

Indiana: Frank Vogel | George Hill | David West

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On fourth quarter drought): "At the 8:23 mark in the fourth quarter, it’s a two-point game. But we got stale, and you look at the amount of times we got into the paint, verse them, we just weren’t able to finish and deliver like they were. They got there a whole lot less, but basically, at the end of the day, got the same amount of paint points as we did with more attempts.”

(On back-to-back): “It’s amazing how momentum can change. One made shot, one stop. Look, guys are tired, guys are always tired, but anyone can do it when they’re fresh. That’s the challenge, that’s how you win four games in five nights, that’s how you win after tough double-overtime (games). So you can see (tiredness), but also you have to fight as well.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On Pacers pulling away in the fourth): "It came out to be a grind game in the last eight minutes, and they did what they do best. They win grind games. They're a great team and David West hit a lot of tough shots. It was a learning game for us today."

(On a tough and late game the night prior): "We can't use fatigue as an excuse because every team does the same thing. It just got the best of us today."

(On his great sequence in the third-quarter sparking energy): "That's what I bring to the team: effort and energy. I rebound the ball and try to get my team going."

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel

(On the win): "It was a really good win. It's always good to get a road win on the second night of a back-to-back. A lot of guys had quality games, particularly David West in the fourth quarter and Paul George's play-making ability in the fourth quarter, he didn't have a great shooting night, but just two turnovers is strong. Tyler (Hansbrough), Pende (Jeff Pendergraf) and (Sam) Young really stepped up in Roy's (Hibbert) absence, thigh bruise, just couldn't return, and Pende hasn't played rotational minutes in a long time. He stayed ready and was very, very affective out there."

(On team effort): “It's probably the best one of the year in terms of complete team effort, everybody having to fill in for guys being out and stepping up, and on both ends of the court; solid offensive night, 48%, and holding them to 38%.”

(On Paul George playing a lot): “Yeah that factors in since we don't play until Tuesday. Paul is one of those guys that I kind of feel like doesn't really tire. It takes a lot to wear him down, it's kind of like Luol Deng, and he can play 40 minutes a game. I just kept talking to him, communicated, seeing how he was feeling, watching his body language and his effectiveness. He stayed effective on both ends of the court, so I stayed with him.”

Pacers Guard George Hill

(On win): "We got off to a rough start this season with our road games. We really had to drive to come back and get above .500 and it starts with tonight. As good as we can do right now, the better off we are going to be late in the season."

(On Roy Hibbert): "He has been working his tail off all year long and even last year he is trying to get in the routine of playing in that rotation. We always tell him to stay ready."

(On David West): "He was great. He was telling us the whole time that his shot was not falling today but we told him to keep shooting because we know he is a road warrior and when it really matters he is going to be there."

Pacers Center David West

(On game): "Everybody just tried to do their [part. We knew this was going to be a scrappy tough game. They are a physical team and they shrunk up the game but we were able to make plays when we needed too."

(On fourth quarter): "I thought the guys held up and we did what we were supposed to do and when the fourth quarter came I though we made play after play defensively and then converted on the offensive end to put it away."

(On back-to-back wins): "We are trying to put a streak together and win some games. We are starting to feel good about what we are doing here. The guys have been able to adjust on the slide but we knew it was going to be a tough game. We knew they had a tough game last night. It felt like we were able to make the plays down the stretch to get the separation."