Postgame Quotes - December 13, 2013

Pistons vs Nets

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Josh Smith | Andre Drummond
Brooklyn: Jason Kidd | Joe Johnson

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On the second quarter): “We needed that cushion. Offense was good in the first half. I thought our defense was pretty good too. But I just thought the way we played offensively, (Rodney) Stuckey in particular, putting the ball in his hands, he was scoring. He was in a good rhythm and he pretty much carried us that first half.”

(On Andre Drummond’s free throw shooting): “He shot well. He took his time. I think he made 6-for-8. He looked good. He looked comfortable up there. That’s encouraging.”

Pistons Forward Josh Smith

(On Brooklyn catching up): “We understand that the NBA is a game of runs and they put together a good fourth quarter, but we were able to take our time. We executed down the stretch and when we needed to make free throws, we did.”

(On closing out games) “It helps us figure out how to win close games. The way we were tonight a couple of plays didn’t work for us down the stretch but we were able to put together about three or four stops down the stretch. It’s just a learning experience just being able to learn how to close out games when we have big leads; especially the way we had throughout the whole game. We have to learn to execute that much harder and not act kind of lackadaisical whenever we feel like we have the game won.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On Free throws): “I work hard at that every day, the results are going to show up sooner than later. Tonight was an example of the hard work I’ve put into it.” (On Pistons’ play): “Tonight was a big win for us. I think we all played like a collective group and we came together down the stretch of the game and held them off when they made their run. We had to use that energy and intensity we had tonight and use that on Sunday.”

Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd

(On game): "The guys fought for 48 minutes. I told those guys after the game I was proud of them for fighting. The one thing that we have grown from is giving up a big quarter. Those guys fought and gave ourselves a chance to win on a back-to-back."

(On giving up points in the paint): "No matter who we play, going in we knew we had to protect the paint and in that first half we did not do that. We got a little bit better in that second half, but we gave up way too many points in the paint."

(On Pistons front court): "They are a big front line and again, no matter who it has been for us it is about rebounding and we have to limit shots to just one. We gave those guys second and third opportunities."

Brooklyn Guard Joe Johnson

(On not slowing the Pistons down in the paint): "The guards have to help the bigs as far as rebounding. We have to help those guys as much as possible. I think the offensive glass for the Pistons really hurt us. I don't know how many points they had in the paint, but they pretty much dominated us in the paint."