Postgame Quotes - December 11, 2013

Pistons vs Pelicans

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Greg Monroe | Andre Drummond
New Orleans: Monty Williams | Ryan Anderson | Austin Rivers

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On being proud of the way they battled back): “Yes, we were in the game. We had some plays, Brandon (Jennings) had a shot, actually two shots, to win that game, it just didn’t go down. We made some plays down the stretch, that (Ryan) Anderson three really hurt us, but we made some plays down the stretch.”

(On the end of the game where Brandon Jennings had two shots): “Yes, we had a pick and roll play for him to come off of and he was either for a three or a two. It wasn’t necessarily for a three, but he kind of fumbled the ball. He got a shot, we got the offensive rebound, threw it out there, and missed another wide open shot, so we live with those shots.”

(On defensively tightening up in the second half): “We got a little better on the ball defense, I thought our on ball defense was better. In the first half, they were breaking us down defensively. They were getting inside the paint too easily, and consequently they shot a high percentage: 55 or 56 percent. In the second half we closed off their bigs, got a lot better in stopping the dribble, and we closed off the paint a little more.”

Pistons Forward Greg Monroe

(On coming back in the second half to force overtime): “We can’t put ourselves in the hole like that. Personally, I missed some free throws. Technically, if I make one more free throw we win the game. There was some good things we did, but we didn’t win the game. ”

(On the play of Ryan Anderson in overtime): “We lost track of him in overtime. With a guy like that, you can’t give him one second to get that shot off. It’s tough. We did a good job most of the game, but he hurt us in overtime.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On coming back in the second half to force overtime): “Our bench really helped us out. We grinded that game out, but the end result wasn’t what we wanted, but we played well.”

(On the impact of Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson): “It was just like the night before, you have guys that can pick and pop and shoot the ball. It’s on Greg (Monroe) and I to figure it out. We can’t continue to let guys come in our paint and do those kind of things to us. It’s a building process and we’re going to figure it out. It’s not going to happen for too long.”

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams

(On the win): “Although we would have preferred to win in regulation, it was a resilient win for us.”

(On the execution): “We just had four days off so although we looked fresh, we didn’t have the timing and execution that we needed.”

(On Jason Smith): “He was a monster tonight. He scored 22 points and had a career high 16 rebounds. He’s a guy doing it on both ends of the floor.”

Pelicans Forward Ryan Anderson

(On how the team defeated Detroit): “Just being relentless. Obviously we had to play strong towards the end, getting key stops. But I think today, the whole mindset had to be energy. When needed to push the ball against these guys, really run them. When we did, we played well. We did the right things and most of it was at the defensive end getting stops.”

(On the struggle to make shots from the three-point line): “It was a rough night, but as a shooter you have those all the time. So you just have to keep taking them, and luckily the important ones went down. We got the win and that’s the most important thing.”

Pelicans Guard Austin Rivers

(On winning games in overtime): “I think we are two for two or three for three in overtime, but we’ve done pretty well finishing those games out. They fought. It was a back-to-back for them, so we knew if we went into overtime and continue playing at the pace we were at, play smart and run it out that we would be able to get the win. Ryan (Anderson) had some big shots for us as usual.”

(On overcoming the size and depth of Detroit): “They’re probably the biggest front court in the league in terms of depth. They have guys coming off the bench, Greg Monroe, a bunch of guys that can score twenty any given night. We were able to withstand all that because (we) played great, ran it and stuck it to them. They had a lot of guys score twenty points, and we were still able to pull it off. That shows that we’re able to score the ball and get key stops down the stretch.”