Postgame Quotes - April 9, 2014

Pistons at Cavaliers

Detroit: John Loyer | Brandon Jennings
Cavaliers: Mike Brown | Kyrie Irving

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On tonight’s game): “It looked like a totally different team than we saw last night. We were the aggressors from the opening tip last night. Tonight, we were back on our heels. The Cavs have a lot of good offensive players. They can score the ball. That rim starts looking pretty big and it looked awful big for them tonight. We didn’t play the way we have been, and we certainly didn’t compete the way we competed last night.”

(On Pistons’ ball movement): “We’re built a little bit different than a lot of these teams. We don’t really play as traditional for the most part. We don’t have a whole bunch of pick-and-roll players. You kind of play to what your talent is and our talent isn’t completely spreading the floor and shooting a bunch of threes.”

(On effort in third quarter): “We were embarrassed in the first half. This is an unforgiving league. (The Cavaliers) didn’t care that we went and beat Atlanta last night. They were sitting here wanting to get a win just as bad as anybody. This league doesn’t care. The message was that we need to keep competing. We didn’t compete in the first two quarters. Some guys showed some heart and competed, but we cut it to 20 and the next thing you know, it goes back to 29. The better team won tonight. They outworked us.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings

(On tonight’s game): “Mainly, we weren’t getting back on defense and they were making shots when we weren’t. I think at one point we missed 11 straight shots in the first half. We definitely can’t win like that.”

(On motivation to end the season on a positive note): “It’s still the NBA. Guys still want to play regardless. We’re still going to keep playing.”

(On Peyton Siva): “He’s running the team and getting into the paint. I just told him to go out there and play. (To) have a free spirit and don’t look over at the bench. Just keep playing.”

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

(On the game tonight): “Obviously, I thought our guys played a good basketball game. We hit a little lull in the third quarter but besides that, I thought the little things we always talk about were really good tonight. We got off the ball very well. The ball was hopping in the first half. Nobody held on to it longer than what they should have. The floor was spaced. Bodies were moving. We tried to execute our pace in the full court and half court which was great. We hit the little lull in the third quarter, but I thought (Jarrett) Jack and (Matthew Dellavedova) Delly came onto the floor and got us going again and got the game back where we felt it should have been based on how we played.”

(On receiving multiple solid efforts): “Everybody played good. Obviously, I mentioned Jack and Delly. Delly with 14 (points) and 12 (assists), if he knew how to rebound he would have had a triple-double. Our two starting guards had 13 assists and three turnovers between the two of them. That’s really efficient. Kyrie’s efficiency in the first half was spectacular in terms of his numbers and his play. He didn’t force anything. Basically to have eight (points), five (rebounds) and five (assists) in the first half was terrific. I thought his pace was great and it rubbed off on the rest of the team. It was just a good win trying to play the right way throughout the 48 minutes. You give credit (to Detroit). They missed some shots, but I thought defensively our guys fought and tried to play the right way.”

(On his team’s 41 assists): “I think if you go back and look at our numbers the first two months of the season and you compare them to even February, I think we’ve gotten better every month. Our offensive numbers over the last two months and our defensive numbers have been good. The 41 assists were obviously spectacular tonight on 53 field goals. That’s really good. Can we get that every night? No, but that type of basketball, the stuff that we saw out here tonight, that’s the way we want to play most of the time. We have been playing that way quite a bit. We’ve taken our lumps and a couple of steps backwards at times, but our guys have gotten better in that area and it shows statistically. It probably shows record-wise too compared to the beginning of the season and the first couple of months when were still searching to find our way.”

(On the direction of the team): “I feel good about the direction that we’re going. Again, I think we have to keep understanding that every time we step out, we gotta grow, we gotta get better and our guys have shown that so far. We need to go have a good practice tomorrow and a good shootaround and play the right way against Milwaukee so that we can continue making steps forward. Hopefully, we don’t take too many steps backwards the last few weeks of the season.”

Cavaliers Guard Kyrie Irving

(On missing out on the playoffs and finishing the season strong): “(Finishing strong) is the main focus right now. Obviously, Atlanta is a great team and took our chances away. They showed why they deserve it, but on the flip side, we have three games left and it’s an opportunity for us to continue to get better at the end of the season.” (On what clicked well for the team tonight): “I think it was the way we started off the game. There was a different focus level; a great one. We were just getting each other involved in all facets of the game, trusting each other on defense. Our rotations were great. (We) had a little bit of a lull at the beginning of the third quarter and coach (Brown) told us to watch out for that because we have a habit of coming out lackadaisical, but we got it together.”

(On if he thinks back to games that got away earlier in the season): “Yeah, you have no choice. It’s more of an empty feeling that you have now that your chances are done. You think about the things you could’ve done, should’ve done, and it’s inevitable. It’s definitely going to be on my mind. There were a lot of positives though that we can take from (the season). You always want to compete for something as special as the playoffs, but our chances were snapped tonight.”