Postgame Quotes - April 6, 2013

Pistons at Timberwolves

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe | Andre Drummond
Minnesota: Rick Adelman | Andrei Kirilenko | Ricky Rubio | Nikola Pekovic

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

"We shot 53% on the road and it comes with little plays. Turnovers obviously, but a jump ball where we have the size advantage and we can't come up with it. Rubio who hadn't made a field goal I don't know if it was good call or bad call but fouled a three-point shooter and free throw, rebound. All these things. Our guys competed, they fought, kept coming but between the turnovers and those little plays that determined the outcome."

(On what he liked about Brandon Knight's performance tonight...): "You could see right from the beginning great aggressiveness on both ends. He was down in the stance on Ridnour's body. We got off to a very low energy start in the first quarter but I thought he wasn't low. He played with a great energy level and the game picked back up in the second quarter with that second group in terms of high effort and energy level. But I thought Brandon was very, very good throughout, showed a lot of toughness. Got cheap shoted twice in one possession and got back up and wanted to get right back in the game. Made some really big plays. Not just shooting the ball but very, very good passes. I thought he did a lot of good things."

(On Rick Adelman's 1,000 career wins...): "It's phenomenal. It's unbelievable. I will say it for the millionth time, he was one of the most underrated coaches in this game. He is a phenomenal teacher. For him to do it at every single stop with the consistency he has done. He is a tremendous, tremendous, tremendous coach."

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(Plays not going their way at the end...): "A couple of bad bounces, a couple of rebounds we didn't secure, and a few late turnovers. Anytime a game is within five, it is a matter of one or two plays that can change the game. Those plays we have to make."

(On Nikola Pekovic's play...): "He is good, he is physical, he is strong. He is very good around the basket....I think we did a good job of playing physical too. They are a physical team, they play like that every night. I think we did match their physicality tonight."

(On the technical...): "You have to (stick up for your teammates). That is a play that shouldn't be allowed. It happened, no call was made. The called me on it, it is something that his hard to watch and you want to be out there for your teammate. At some point a line has to be drawn."

(On break down in third quarter): “We just didn’t guard. Maybe it was because we were down on the shots, but we didn’t guard the way we know we can. We have to get better on the defensive end.”

(On shaking off losses): “You have to. With every win you have to move on, and with every loss you have to move on. Hopefully this loss can inspire us to really come out and give a much better effort against Toronto.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

"We didn't stop fighting at all. We kept pushing. We got down a little bit. We just didn't make the small plays at the end of the game. We know we have to do that better next time we play which is tomorrow."

(On the physical play....): "It is always (physical) playing against Minnesota. It is always tough for us. They are a physical team. That is how they get their wins. They try to beat people up to get their W's...That is good and bad (the refs letting them play). We get to fight back a little bit. We did what we needed to do but we just couldn't pull it out at the end of the stretch."

(On the play of Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight...): "These past few nights (Rodney) Stuckey has been an animal. He has been scoring at will. Brandon (Knight) coming back as well -- he has his mask on, takes it off, he is still going hard. He does what he needs to do. They both are killers when it comes to scoring."

T'Wolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

(Opening statement...) "Glad we got it done tonight. It was tough game; they played well. Our guys hung in there and made some plays down the stretch to win the game. Like I said earlier, it's a great group of players who stayed with us all year long and never stopped playing. They kept battling it through; the coaching staff too. It was good to get in here especially at home."

(On moment with Mary Kay make everything worthwhile...): "She had to be part of it. I told her I was going to bring her down. She wasn't very happy about that but she has been there all the years. When you go through a job like this in situations and you move and raise six kids and everything else; if it wasn't for her I couldn't have done it. So I'm really glad we did it here. It relieves a little bit of stress. Like I said to you before the game, I think it was in some ways when I look back it was good for this group. We have had such a tough time that you are just trying to scrap wins out. When you have something like this that you are actually working for there is expectations; there is a little bit more pressure and I think that is good because this group we have to learn what that is all about. To be a good team that's where the expectations are. It's not just to win a game it's to keep going. I'm really happy with the way they have played the last week."

(On the list of names he has joined...): "It's special people. Some of the names up there it's incredible. I never ever expected to be with that group. But like I said before I have had some really special situations and we are able to stay a couple of places for a long time, which doesn't happen in this league very often. To get that many wins there are good players involved and good coaches staffs involved and good organizations involved. It was special to get this."

(On it being more special to have his sons on his coaching staff...): "That was one of the big reasons why I came here. You always want to win, you always want to have good situations to give yourself a chance because it's a tough job but I learned in Houston when we lost Yao and lost Tracy McGrady and a bunch of guys that busted our tails every night. It was a lot of fun coaching that group. When I looked at this group this year it's the same thing. I think there is other ways to get enjoyment. Everybody talks about how you have to win; yeah that's part of it but to get around group of guys you can coach you see then grow individually and as a team that's also part of it. And to have my two sons involved, yeah it's special. That is a huge reason why this was an attractive situation to me. They just didn't tell me about April before this year that it was so hard to win games in April. I think we have a really group. Like I said they have really maintained this whole year."

(On where this milestone ranks...): "It's way up there. Now that's done you think about all the years and everything else. It's pretty special. This has been a difficult year. You have to give credit. You have to thank Glen, David and the whole organization for staying behind me because it was a tough situation. There was never a doubt that I was going to be able to do what I thought I needed to do because of their support."

(On the journey to get here and knowing Ricky and Derrick weren't born when he got his first victory...): "Well thanks a lot (laughs). I feel older. I feel older. There is a thousand wins that everybody keeps talking about but I don't know how many losses too. (703) Yeah, okay thanks. I knew you would know. I didn't know (laughs). It is something that you learn as you go on in this league. Like I said great situations where you walk on the court and you know you have a great chance to win every night. This situation it was tough going out there every day. You learn that it's a tough business. You have to learn to handle that as well as you do the wins. I think the players have to learn you can't accept it. It's part of your job and we got thrown a really tough curveball this year with everything that happened. Even last year at the end of the year. But against I compliment them for staying with it and hopefully we can get some more before the season ends."

(On if it was a blow out it would of been too easy...): "We had to miss free throws. We had to do those type of things (laughs). We left Stuckey all alone by himself in the corner for I don't know why because we were switching everything but that is what coaching is all about. You don't see really want happened until the next game and of course the player will say 'my bad' and they're right when they say that (laughs)."

T'Wolves Forward Andrei Kirilenko

"I think it's a very, very nice achievement to make and I think he's the second coach to reach 1,000 wins with me on the team (Jerry Sloan). I think it's very well deserved. He's a very respected coach in the league and this is another mark which will make him one of the greatest."

(Who is Rick Adelman?) "I think he's a great coach for me, I like this style of coaching. He's really diplomatic and he's very a player's coach. Everybody says that and he likes to talk to the players and kind of bring his idea to the head rather than just hit it in. He likes to have a dialogue, not a monologue. I think it's very important for the players when the coach understands you and at the same point being diplomatic while giving you freedom and creativity."

T'Wolves Guard Ricky Rubio

"We wanted to do it for our coach. Today we fought all the way through. We need to find more energy from everyone and just keep doing what we're doing.

(Good to win this game): "Sometimes you don't play good but a victory is a victory and we'll take it. We fight and sometimes the ball doesn't want to go in but you just have to get through that and keep playing."

(How is it to play for Adelman?) "Amazing, everyday you learn something. There's not a lot of coaches you can do that with. He's smart, he knows how to play and run a team and you learn something different every day."

(What has he taught you?) "I love playing for him. He takes my best, every time I have a bad game or a bad stretch, he's calming and gives me some advice and that gives me a lot of confidence, especially in those moments and it's something you don't know how to say. You just have to feel it and it's amazing what he does."

(How nice is it to get this win today?) "He deserves it, it was a great thing to do today. I think we fought yesterday and couldn't get it but today we just did it for him. We took energy from sometimes you don't find energy but that was the big reason to do it."

T'Wolves Center Nikola Pekovic

"When I was a kid, I was watching him in Sacramento and I never thought at that time I'd be part of history. It's really special for me because I watched him for many years before I started to play basketball and kind of followed the playoffs with Sacramento and the Lakers and everything so it was really special for me because I was part of the history."

(Pekovic and Brandon Knight): "No, its just part of basketball, he's a good player. It's part of basketball emotions. You get emotionally and you don't want to lose the game and they don't want to lose the game. I like when something like that happens."