Postgame Quotes - April 13, 2014

Pistons vs Raptors

Detroit: John Loyer | Kyle Singler
Toronto: Dwane Casey | Kyle Lowry

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On the game): “We had no rhythm early on and we didn’t guard. You give a team 42 points in the first quarter, I don’t know what your chance of winning is, but I would think in this league it’s pretty low. Of course foul trouble, no rhythm of the game, there’s no excuse for giving up 42 points. Then you really have to fight uphill the whole way. But to our guys’ credit, they fought an uphill battle, took a two-point lead, played their butts off. But you can’t give a team 42 points.”

(On Andre Drummond): “Here’s a guy, check the numbers, he averaged 18 minutes a game last year. He missed a stretch of 20-plus games. We’re asking a guy to do an awful lot. He’s playing 34-36 minutes a game and some. He has developed a good inside game now. He’s got a couple of nice post moves. If you watch the tape from last year and watch the tape from this year, the guy is making huge strides. The guy really cares about playing. He’s a pleasure to coach. You got an inside presence like that that’s only going to get better. He has a bright future.”

Pistons Forward Kyle Singler

(On looking forward): “I think overall we have a quality team as is. I don’t know necessarily the formula to win, but we just weren’t able to get into a groove earlier on in the year to gain confidence and know that we’re a playoff team. But I do believe we have the right pieces in place to be a playoff team.”

(On the state of the team and next season): “We still have one more game, but what they’re saying about our team is disappointing and we know that. We know that we can move in the right direction. My message is we’ll be better next year and that’s my vision.”

Raptors Head Coach Dwane Casey

(On rebounding): “Anytime anybody gets 21 offensive boards tells all of our bigs the need. It is timing, grit, anticipation, and a lot of those things we did not have. They basically man-handled us in the paint and we have to get better than that."

(On Amir Johnson): "He had five fouls. I thought Chuck (Hayes) was doing a decent job on (Greg) Monroe so we wanted to get him in there. He probably could have gone back in, and that is my fault, but it was not just Amir (Johnson) not rebounding."

(On defense): "One hundred points does not bother me in a possession game like that…The thing that bothers me more is rebounding. They were kicking our butt in the paint with physicality and taking advantage of us that way.”

Raptors Guard Kyle Lowry

(On game): "They (Pistons) did a great job of getting back into the game, but we found a way to close it out."

(On team play): "G (Greivis Vasquez) really nailed it down, DeMar (DeRozan) picked it up; we did a good job as a team finishing it out."