Postgame Quotes - April 12, 2013

Pistons vs Bobcats

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Will Bynum | Andre Drummond
Charlotte: Mike Dunlap | Gerald Henderson

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On game): I thought to start the game we were a little bit lethargic defensively. We had a good offensive rhythm, six assists on six field goals, but then we had a six-minute stretch where between turnovers and some shots we took, led to their transition and second-chance opportunities. The second quarter was very, very unique. The second unit did a very good job from an energy standpoint, had great ball movement and changed the game. For a team like Charlotte that relies on transition paint points, they had zero points in the paint, zero fastbreak points and it was all Kemba Walker. He had 18 of their 23. In the third quarter, our starting unit did a good job of delivering the first blow and doing a much better job. I thought we had some unbelievable ball movement possessions. It was a very willing passing team tonight. Obviously turnovers were a problem. Walker wasn’t the same factor he was in the first half and we had good play from a lot of different guys.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On key to win): "Distribute the basketball, get out in transition and score baskets. Defensively we needed to get stops, and we tried to do that in the second quarter."

(On playing with rookies): "It's the same concept as if Andre (Drummond) were in there. It's five-man-rolling, Charlie (Villanueva) out there shooting threes, Kim (English) and Khris (Middleton) on the wings and letting me facilitate off the pick and roll."

(On Jonas Jerebko's recent success): "He's comfortable. He knows he's getting minutes and the opportunity is there. He's just being aggressive."

(On ending season on a high note): "We're professional athletes. We get paid to do a job and that's not to quit. We have to build and keep getting better. All the guys are headed in the right way and as a team we just have to get wins."

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On winning games): “It feels great that we’re winning these games down the stretch. We’re looking really poised and it’s a good sign for next year.”

(On using these wins for next year): “We’re just using this as a stepping stone. We’re just going to continue to work together and try to get better as a whole for next season.”

Bobcats Head Coach Mike Dunlap

(On Game): “Just too many turnovers in order to win the game. The first half was quality. I did not like the last two minutes of the second quarter, but nonetheless we were down six. We had a push back in us in the third, but again you have to take good care of the ball.”

(On next game): “You just get ready. The great thing about the NBA is less than 24 hours you get another shot at it. So we look forward to that and plus we are at home where we have played well all month.”

(On Kemba Walker): “They started to jump him a little more and take two on the pick and rolls, so that impacted us because the guys away from the ball had to use it a little bit more instead of Kemba (Walker).”

Bobcats Guard Gerald Henderson

(On game): "We gave up too many points. We gave up too many points that first half. Obviously we had a really good first quarter, but you can't give up 60 points in a half, that's tough. We settled for a lot of jumpshots, and they beat us. They're a good team. They have a lot of quick guards, and obviously their bigs are good. (Andre) Drummond is obviously coming along, and Greg Monroe played great. So it just wasn't our night."