Postgame Quotes - January 22, 2011

Pistons vs. Suns
Detroit: John Kuester | Austin Daye | Will Bynum

Phoenix: Alvin Gentry | Steve Nash

Pistons Head Coach John Kuester

(On the Game) “I thought playing back to back and guys that hadn’t got as many minutes in that fourth period did a phenomenal job of really bringing life to it. We talked about it at the end of the third I said ‘hey lets just chip away and see what happens.’ We were playing really good defense against a very explosive offensive team and I was very impressed how we took care of the ball. That second half we only had three turnovers and that’s huge for us. It seems to be a recurring thing that if we take care of the ball usually we’re in pretty good shape.”

(On Ben Wallace) “Ben Wallace who had not played, I thought was phenomenal. I kept asking, ‘You alright?’ ‘You alright?’ He said yeah I’m great and his experience and ability to get deflections on the pick and roll where he was trapping it really disrupted a lot of the things they did offensively.”

(On Bynum and Daye getting extra minutes) “They had it going. We talked about this throughout the seasons that sometimes you got to have a gut where you got to ride people that are playing well, tonight was a perfect example where Will Bynum was doing a phenomenal job. Austin Daye missed a couple shots but the nice thing about it was Tayshaun (Prince) had the confidence to get the ball right back to him to hit a big three so that was huge.”

(On Bynum) “He kept doing things positively and we talk to him during the time out and said ‘hey not only look for yourself, but look for others’ and that’s what he did. He had one little period where I worried he was a little tired at the end he almost lost the ball in the corner and Tayshaun came up with it and that’s where he throws and hits Austin Daye for the jump shot. You felt that that five to four minute mark that you had to stay with the guys that were getting you back into the game and that’s what we did.”

Pistons Forward Austin Daye

(On what it means to be on the floor to lead the comeback) “It felt good. Sometimes I have to sit those out sometimes I don't. He (Coach Kuester) left me in there after I made two bonehead plays that I shouldn’t have made but it felt good just to hit those two shots in the end just to redeem myself.”

(On team defense against the Suns) “We did a good job. Steve Nash is a heck of a player and for us to hold him to under his average in assists it felt good. We did a good job of working him and getting the ball out of his hands and we contested a lot of three point shots.”

(On difference in team effort from last night’s game in New Jersey): “Defensively, Will (Bynum) picking up full-court, and BG (Ben Gordon) and myself trying to get defensive steals and deflections, we did a good job of that. Ben (Wallace) definitely helped us out a lot although it might not show up in the stat sheet him being out there getting deflections and making them make tougher shots definitely helped.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On what he read going into the game) “I just felt like we were lacking energy. I just tried to go out there and let my effort do the talking. Hopefully everybody else would follow.”

(On finishing the game) “I kind of sniffed it out about the end of the third quarter, that that was the kind of game that was going on. We've been traveling a lot, playing a lot of games in a lot of days, so I knew a lot of guys were banged up and tired. I just tried to go out there and give it my all and hopefully everybody else would see that.”

(On what was the difference down the stretch) “Defensively, I thought we played with a little more energy, a little more aggressive. We did a great job on Steve Nash and we did a great job of scrambling for everybody else after that and we came out with the win.”

Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the game) “We have to finish games, that's the bottom line. We have to play for 48 minutes, even though it may be the oldest cliché in the book, you can see what happens when you don't. We had complete control of the game and we just let it slip away. We lost focus and didn't make plays, didn't come up with rebounds we should have had, we got ourselves in a situation where we gave them the momentum and they seized the moment and they won the game. It’s pretty simple. There's nothing complicated about it.”

(On the pace of the game) “We shot the ball ok; we didn't get a lot of attempts in the first half but we were at 50% through most of the first half and ended up shooting 46%. We had them in the mid-30's, low-30's. When we give up 16 with eight minutes to go; you have to control the game. They're not a great offensive team, as you know, but if we don't score and they do, they don't have to be a great offensive team. We didn't do what we needed to do to win the game and the result is that we end up losing.”

(On the play in the fourth quarter) “We did it to ourselves. That's the thing that I've said. We don't have the latitude to have a game like this slip away. Not with what we're trying to get done and not with the people we're trying to chase. Here we go again - we play well but we don't play well enough because we don't play for 48 minutes. Obviously it was more of the offensive pace of the game than anything. We get 36 points in the second half. You get 36, and really 33 because the last shot of the game didn't matter, and only 10 points in the fourth quarter you're not going to win the game. You give up 28 and you score 10, it's pretty simple. Its not anything complicated. Here we are. Instead of leaving here with a win and feeling good about it we dig ourselves a hole and lose a game.”

Suns Guard Steve Nash

(On the game) “It was a tough loss. That hurts.”

(On the fourth quarter) “We had a 14-point lead. We got stagnant for the first four or five minutes of the quarter and they were trapping the pick-and-roll hard all game then we have to make them pay and we didn't. Bottom line is we didn't make them pay.”

(On the play in the fourth) “They're trapping the pick-and-roll so its four-on-three and they were getting rid of it and we weren't. We weren't really getting good shots sometimes. When they're trapping the pick-and-roll that hard you have to move the ball and make them pay and we didn't. I think we scored nine points before Channing's three-pointer at the buzzer, which really didn't matter, it’s a very disappointing loss.”