Postgame Quotes - January 7, 2012

Pistons vs Knicks

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Jonas Jerebko
New York Mike D'Antoni | Carmelo Anthony

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank
(On game)“It was 35 - 32 I think, once again some of our decision making, with turnovers, on shot selection, driving to deep into the paint. You think about it up to that point we started to get on a really good rhythm, and then all the things that we were doing well on we kind of reverted to the opposite; and as a result all those miscues lead to threes, and in the end just very disappointing.”

(On third quarter): “All in all it was very disappointing, it was unacceptable and disappointing.”

(On if there was a setback): “Look, it’s going to be a serious of two steps forward and two steps back, two steps forward and one step back. You know this is not representative of who we want to be so we all have to own it starting with me. This is going to be a long season and yet what we have to do is figure out all the things that are going to be a part of the solution; and how you deal with adversity, and parts of the game and how you deal with other team runs. We've got some people at different spots, and different opportunities and with that opportunity comes responsibility and everyone will have to do their part, overall tonight was a disappointing performance.”

(On Brandon Knight shooting three pointers): “This is going to be a learning curve for Brandon, there's a lot being thrown his way. We talked about it before and obviously the ratio of free throws to threes is something that is going to take time. It's not all on him now; this is on every-single person in our locker room, players (and) coaches. When you have performances like we've had this is on all our shoulders so it would be inaccurate and unfair to pin it on anyone. This is to be expected of a guy who played 9 months of college basketball and had two weeks of training camp. But he will learn and it will get better throughout the rest of the season.”

Pistons Forward Jonas Jerebko

(On struggling today at both ends) “It’s a new game, we are playing Chicago next we just have to get it together and play together. This is obviously a display of how we don’t want to play, so just have to get back to it and play Chicago.”

(On New York’s run at start of the third quarter): “We just have to come out better than that. They run an up and down game, we had some turnovers and they got some easy buckets. That is a display of the kind of basketball we don’t want to play, so we just have to get better.”

(On what Piston basketball is): “Hard work and defense, we obviously didn’t play defense today so we just have to get back to it.”

Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni
(On the game) “I think we played good defense the whole game and offensively we are getting a lot better. Mike Bibby came in and hit four threes and kind of broke it open. You got to make shots and we did that the first half and got our lead and it was good.”

(On holding lead): “We played well. We played solid on the defensive end and everybody is a little tired from the back-to-back and you get up 20 and the other team’s spirit kind of goes out and that is just normal, you will see that a lot this year. I was just really happy with some of the improvements that we’re doing both on defense and offense.

(On Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire): “Good offense is moving the ball and Amare started in the first half by moving the ball and pushing the ball out a couple times on drives that would set up people. As long as the players are willing, which they are, then we’ll eventually get a stop.”

(On lineup): “There’s got to be some pain in there somewhere. We just can’t put guys together from everywhere and think that we’re just going to come out and shoot and be what we got to be. We still have some holes that we have to cover up, we’ve got to improve some guys’ game individually and we do that we can be good”

Knicks Forward Carmelo Anthony

(On playing with injury): “It was tough. I got through it though. I suited up, I played. It was kind of tough for me to move out there so I tried to alter my game a little bit, get guys going. Even though I couldn’t move they still were trying to trap me in the pick and rolls and that left a lot of guys open. I try to make the game easier for myself and I make it too extreme in some situations.”

(On team): “We needed every bit of it man. We came out from the beginning and jumped on them. Everybody got going. We buckled down defensively. That picked up our offense too.”

(On this game compared to last game): “I think we bounced back tonight. Tonight we put four quarters together. Some games we put two, some games we put three, tonight we played the whole game out there defensively. Everybody was on the same page. We were talking and communicating. As a result we had a big blow out tonight. When we talk big things happen for us.”

(On win streak): “Well hopefully it is. I mean we can build on these two road wins; go back home, we have Charlotte on Monday, we owe them. They came in our place and snuck one out, well we gave them one, so we want to redeem ourselves. We still want to build on this momentum that we’ve been gaining on the defensive end.”