Mini-Hooper vs. Flight Crew's Red, White and Blue Tournament

Thank you for voting! Who will be crowned the Red, White & Blue Champion? Vote on March 30!

• Mini-Hooper - 44%
• Flight Crew - 56%
Five Things to know about MINI-HOOPER
Five Things to know about FLIGHT CREW
  • Mini-Hooper is a miniature clone of Hooper the Horse.

  • For Spring Break Mini-Hooper often goes down to Cancun to defend his National Limbo Championship title.

  • Last year Mini-Hooper won the miniature horse division for competitive horse-jumping with a grand height of 6 inches.

  • Mini-Hooper briefly worked as a roadie with Kid Rock until he was kicked off the tour for eating all the drumsticks.

  • Mini-Hooper currently holds the record for most hugs given in a single day.

  • Led by their fearless leader, Hooper; Steve, Mike, Dan, Corey and Rob make up The Flight Crew.

  • It took Flight Crew over two months of training before they finally got to display their dunks.

  • The Flight Crew debuted this fall during the Pistons Open Practice and the fans have not been disappointed since.

  • At one point this season, The Flight Crew was more banged up than the Pistons themselves. Hooper broke his left hoof while attempting a dunk in practice, and was sidelined for the beginning of the year.

  • At first The Flight Crew found themselves seeking out advice from Pistons high-flyers like Ben Wallace and Maurice Evans. Now, the tables have turned, as the players are continuously asking The Flight Crew how to innovate the art of the dunk.