Rick Mahorn Chat Transcript

August 10, 2004

Rick Mahorn begins his third season as color analyst for the Pistons' radio broadcast on WDFN. Mahorn teams with George Blaha and Mark Champion to provide colorful insight during Pistons' home games. An 18-year NBA veteran, Mahorn was selected in the second round of the 1980 NBA Draft by the Washington Bullets (now Wizards), and later played for Detroit, Philadelphia and New Jersey. The 6-10 power forward's ultimate success as a player came during his four years with Detroit, culminating in the Pistons' first NBA Championship in 1988-89. He also earned All-NBA second team defensive honors that season.

Mahorn answered your questions about the Bad Boys, George Blaha and the Pistons' recent transactions on Tuesday, August 10th.

Rick Mahorn: Hello! Welcome to the online chat. Thanks for joining.

Jean Phi (Paris, France): Hi Rick, What do you think about the lose of Okur and Williamson? The Wallaces will be alone...(And McDyess' health is a question)

Rick Mahorn: I think we'll be a very formidable team again. We still have Elden Campbell, who did an excellent job during the playoffs. Also this will give Darko Milicic some time to get some experience.

Bryan Kalkaska: Out of the four teams you played for which was your favorite?

Rick Mahorn: Detroit of course.

Donna (Detroit): Hello Rick, How good is Carlos Delfino and will he be a major contributor? It appears that we have a team full of small and power fowards and that we lack the point guard position, what is the advantage of this?

Rick Mahorn: The advantage is that we've become more versatile. Guys can initiate the offense from different positions. Chauncey is a very good point guard. We still have Lindsey Hunter. The point guard is a necessity but not as much of a necessity to win a Championship again.

Dalas: How special was it to see a Detroit Pistons team win a championship? Do you think they will do it again with the players added?

Rick Mahorn: It was great to see them win. I was involved with it from another standpoint by being on the broadcasting side. Again, we still have our starting five. I think we'll have a good chance to make a big run at the Championship again.

(Ft. Lauderdale, FL): Rick, will you ever get into coaching NBA or WNBA?

Rick Mahorn: If the opportunity presents itself I'll have to look at it. My passion is to coach, but I enjoy doing what I'm doing on the broadcasting side. I never win a game, but I never lose a game. So far I'm undefeated.

Glenn Danzig (Grand Rapids, MI): Would you like to see yourself get more credit when players try your patented "back away" move? Whenever I see that I think classic Rick Mahorn.

Rick Mahorn: You know, a lot of announcers nationally have given me props on that particular move. It's flattering when guys try to do that move.

Gary Shara (Washington): Do you think that the USA national team will receive a medal in the Olympics?

Rick Mahorn: I hope so.

BasketballFanatic (California): Is their anyone on the Pistons you've beat in a game of one on one?

Rick Mahorn: No, I've left my shoes hanging for a while.

Pj (Saginaw): Mr. Mahorn #44! In the first two Championship seasons the Pistons had rivalries with Boston,Chicago and LA. What team(s) do you think will be the next rivalry?

Rick Mahorn: Indiana. They were one of our rivals before Boston, because they were a team that we were more familiar with. I think Indiana now is a big rivalry.

Karisa (Lancaster, CA): Rick, What do you think of Diana Taurasi's game so far? How do you think she'll do 10 years from now?

Rick Mahorn: I think her game is awesome. She plays the game, she understands the game, and she enjoys the game. I think she'll be one of those people they talk about in the same breath as Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas.

Travis Byron (MI): Who was your favorite Piston and why?

Rick Mahorn: Of course it was Ben Wallace. Reason being, he's from the same basketball conference.

Karisa (Lancaster, CA): Hello Mr. Mahorn. When you played for the Pistons, what kind of music did you listen to before game time? Was their anyone you looked up to? Best of luck to the Pistons this season!

Rick Mahorn: I listened to James Brown and Public Enemy. The person I looked up to back then and now is my mom.

Kat: How come you have chosen to work for the Pistons, why not the Wizards or Sixers?

Rick Mahorn: I'm fortunate that Tom Wilson gave me a great position. I'm more familiar with Detroit than I am with Washington or Philly.

Damon (Detroit, MI): Rick, who of all players that you played against got under your skin the most?

Rick Mahorn: Probably Charles Barkley. I wanted to be like him, but never had the opportunity to showcase that.

Ryan (Sterling Heights, MI): Hey Ricky, I really enjoy listening to you on WDFN for all the games. My question to you is who do you like picking on more, Mark or George? Thanks Rick for staying with the Pistons I love to hear you on the radio always joking around. I find myself wanting to listen to the game on the radio rather than watching it because of you.

Rick Mahorn: Mark, definitely. George is a professional. Can't really get him. Mark is very good at what he does.

(Dearborn): If Larry Brown wins a gold medal in the Olympics, will he be considered the greatest basketball coach of all-time for winning a NCAA championship, a NBA championship, and a gold medal? Larry Brown will have won everything as soon as he gets that gold medal in Athens.

Rick Mahorn: He'll be in good company with a lot of people like Chuck Daly, Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson.

Tracey (Oak Park): Rick, do think bringing Coleman back to his hometown was a bad move with all of the trouble he has been in?

Rick Mahorn: Rasheed Wallace was considered the same type of person. When you get traded it's about a new beginning. Derrick Coleman loves being in Detroit. You always want to play for your hometown team.

Michael (Detroit): Personally, I think your Bad Boys would sweep the current Pistons in a 7 game series. What do you think?

Rick Mahorn: We didn't let the Lakers win a game. I think you're correct.

Glenn Danzig (Grand Rapids, MI): Rockin' Rick, I'm really going to miss your "fax me the memo, George" this season. Do you have any colorful nicknames ready for the new guys (McDyess, Delfino, Coleman, etc.)?

Rick Mahorn: Not yet. Usually they come at the spur of the moment.

Rick Mahorn: Thanks for all of the support of the fans. Looking forward to another great season!