Congratulations Joe Dumars!

Pistons Fans Send Their Wishes to Hall of Famer

Pistons President and former guard Joe Dumars will be inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame on September 9.
Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images asked fans to submit congratulatory messages to current President of Basketball Operations and former Detroit guard Joe Dumars for his upcoming induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Fan responses will be posted each day leading up to the Sept. 9 ceremony in Springfield, MA. Former Pistons great and Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas will present Joe as an inductee into the 2006 class, which includes Charles Barkley, Dominique Wilkins, University of Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma, former Big East commissioner David Gavitt and Italian National Team coach Sandro Gamba.

Fans can click here to send messages and can also submit photographs of congratulatory signs.

Kim Lott (Detroit)
CONGRATULATIONS JOE! You are the epitome of grace and professionalism. You are still my favorite player ... you are the best! Thanks for the memories and the contribution to the "D".
Leona (Galveston, TX)
Congratulations, Joe! I always new you would make the Hall of Fame one day. I have been a big fan of yours for a long time. I'm always enjoyed watching you play but I am even more impressed by your character. Continued blessings.
Greg (Detroit)
Mr. Dumars, I have been an admirer of you since you came into the league in '85. I was eight years old then, and I patterned my game after yours. To this day, when asked who my favorite player of all time is, I say, Joe Dumars. Congratulations, and May God continue to bless you.
Brenda (Detroit)
CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Joe Dumars it's well deserved, no one deserves it more. YOU ARE THE MAN.
Dave (Dearborn)
Joe, congratulations to a great player, general manager and most importantly great human being.
Trawn Mitchell (Detroit)
CONGRATULATIONS to you Joe D, you are the best. Keep doing the things that you are for the Pistons organization.
Jan Scholl (Flushing, MI)
In all the years I saw Joe play, one thing always stood out. He was the same person on the court as he was off-not pretentious, very honest, competitive, humble. If you want your kids to look up to a player, and a person-look no further than Joe D. Look up class act in a dictionary and you should find his photo. We have been lucky here in Michigan to have some outstanding professional athletes who are also outstanding people-Al Kaline, Alan Trammell-and Joe Dumars. A standing ovation not just to Joe but to the wonderful parents who blessed his life and turned a son out into the world to be a shining light.
Joyce, Baseemah, and Kanisha (Cedar Hill, Texas)
Joe, Congratulations on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Even though my family and I have moved to Texas we will always be Detroit Piston Fans. Now let's make it 6 Championship Drive.
Atlanta, Georgia
Congratulations, job well done. YOU DESERVE it. You played this game with a class and finesse that is all your own. You are one of the classiest guys to have ever played basketball.
Lynda (San Diego)
I am so proud to be from Detroit, although I now live on the west coast I travel home for Detroit sports. No place like Detroit for sports, thanks to a GREAT like Joe D. What a great player, what a great manager, what a great man...Joe D!!
Tyrus (Gainesviile)
Congratulations Joe, you are a class act and someone as a man and basketball player i pattern myself after, I wish you all the best. Good luck with those Pistons this year. I hope those boys can gel and get back to locking opponents down in the post season.

Dan Opperman
Way to go Joe--HOF all the way.
Listening to you stand before the world professing the importance of the traits our young people need to survive is awe-inspiring. The young people of this country are blessed to have you teaching them about humility and humbleness. We have all learned from you and we thank you for your amazing contributions to better our community. Congratulations Joe, you deserve the attention and honor you have earned throughout your life. You have built us a dynasty that has not yet peaked & we are grateful for your commitment to this team. We're confident that with your leadership, only great things can happen!
Robinson Ukavwe (Redford)
Congratulations Joe, on your well deserved honor as hall of fame inductee.
Kiran Iyengar
Congratulations Joe on being inducted into the hall of fame! You are my all-time favorite Pistons player and I appreciate everything that you did for the Pistons. You were always professional on and off the court and a great role model. You are also doing a great job as President of the Pistons.
Thanks for everything you did on the court to make Detroit the basketball capital of the world, and thank you for everything you do now to make Detroit the heart of blue-collar basketball.
The Looney family
Congratulations. We are so proud of you ,keep up the good work with the Pistons.
Barry Sanders - Hall of Fame Detroit Lions Running Back
Joe, I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your induction to the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. It is a great honor for you, your family, the Pistons, and Detroit sports fans. You delivered championships to Detroit as a player and as a front office leader, but more importantly, you set an example off the court with your family and with those less fortunate in this community. God bless, Barry Sanders

Aimie (Ann Arbor)
Congratulations Joe, you really deserve it. Thanks for all the memories!!!!
James Fortune (Pontiac)
It's a well-deserved recognition. JAF
Thanks Joe, for just being you. It’s been an honor to watch you what you do on and off the court.
Bob (Imlay City)
Congratulations Joe, you have earned every honor that has been given to you. Thank you for all you have given to the fans and community.
SSgt Holloway USAF (Detroit)
Congrats Joe. You are my favorite Piston of all-time. I wore no. 4 in Jr. high and High school because of you. Thanks for your professional attitude on court and off court. You’re a great example.
Marsale Safi (Warren)
Mr. Hall of Famer.... Joe DUUUUUUMARSSS! I grew up watching you and you have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! Congratulations! You’re a true CLASS ACT!
Shannon G (San Francisco)
Congrats Joey D. I grew up watching you and loving you being such a huge part of The Bad Boys. Thank you for all of the success you have brought to the Pistons for the last 20 years. Much love and respect - keep up the good work!!
Patrick Mayo (Baraga)
Congratulations Joe D. You deserve this honor for everything that you have done and continue to do. GO PISTONS!!! #4 is #1.
Gary (Troy)
Saw your induction on NBATV and it was OUTSTANDING. Lots of lessons for all of us to learn about living our lives. Thank you for sharing them! Oh, by the way, this long time season ticket holder is sooooooooooo happy you were drafted by the Pistons! We have enjoyed watching you play as well as watching the current team you have assembled. Thanks for all you are and all you do.
Don and Peggy Pullem (Rochester Hills)
Hi Joe, We were fortunate to follow your career from day one with the Pistons. You deserve this honor not only for your playing, but, for the way you carried yourself as a person. You and your family have a lot to be proud of... Congratulations.
The Lameti Family (West Bloomfield)
Mr. Dumars, We were season ticket holders when my 16 yr. old son was born during your 1989 run. Now we have three tickets. You are truly a role model and a class act.... We love your ethics!!!
West Bloomfield
Your skills on the court were extraordinary. You are very deserving of this important recognition. Congratulations on an outstanding career on the court and one day I expect to hear that you have been inducted to the Hall for your leadership as the President of the Detroit Piston Basketball Operations.
The Pippen Family (Detroit)
Kris (Ferndale)
Thanks for being a great role model for the kids!! No one deserves it more than you Joe!!
Tim (Reading, PA)
Congratulations, Joe! I always enjoyed watching how you handled yourself with so much class in victory and in defeat. You gave the fans in Detroit (I am a transplant now) an icon that was easy to identify with (hard working, not flashy). Thanks!
Nancy (Oak Park)
Mr. Dumars, Congrats on being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. To me, you are a class act and the epitome of an athlete. On and off the court, you have always been a gentleman. The State of Michigan, the Detroit Pistons organization, fans and I are proud of you and your accomplishments.
Doug (Mt. Pleasant)
Joe, Thanks for all of you hardwork and dedication, both on and off the court. It is truly refreshing to see an athlete carry himself with as much integrity as you do. You have done as much for the city of Detroit and the Pistons organization as any other athlete. Congratulations! I miss that rainbow trey ball too!
Congratulations Joe Dumars, now the Pistons backcourt is complete in the Hall of Fame. Best of luck to you & Pistons family.
Rebecca Michelson (West Bloomfield)
Joe- You are one of my favs among all Pistons. You deserve this, clearly. Congratulations.
Debbie (Dearborn Hts)
Whenever I said, I like Isiah, my father always answered, "I like Joe Dumars, that is one smart ball player." After my dad died, I often wondered what he would say about certain events. Such as the tied 2000 election or the 9/11 attacks. Any time I mentioned that I wondered what he thought, my mother always had the same response, “I wish I knew what he had to say about what Joe has done with those Pistons”. I admit it drove me nuts, of all the things she could have wanted to share with her deceased husband, she always picked Joe Dumars. She said Joe was putting together a championship team and sure enough you did! Now I wish I knew what my dad had to say about what Joe has done with those Pistons. We have four generations of women in our family cheering for you Joe. Even my 7 yr old grandchild knows Joe Dumars. We are all happy for you and I know of at least one guy up on cloud nine who will be smiling for you too.
David Greene (Alameda, CA)
Congratulations to a well deserved honor Mr. Dumars. Having been born and raised in Detroit, I watched the Pistons since I was very young and support them still. Unfortunately I was out here in California when you and the Bad Boys won the back-to-back titles but believe me, I enjoyed rubbing that in many Lakers fans' faces. I highly respect what you have accomplished and I believe that you shall continue to be a top-notch executive for your entire career. I never figured the "quiet killer" as I nicknamed you to be so influential. Again, congratulations Mr. Dumars.
Moscow, Russia
Congrats Joe D! Keep it up for the Pistons and we will run for another championship!!!!
Tony Gatehouse (Jacksonville, FL)
To Joe Dumars the greatest guard to ever don the home red, blue and white growing up watching you play was and is still my favorite childhood memory and it is long overdue that the rest of the world knows the joy those of us who grew up watching you and the "Bad Boys" play on how great you are. My heart felt congratulations on your upcoming induction in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. You deserve it.
Franklin (Bowie, MD)
Congratulations Joe, You're a class act, and a wonderful ball player!
Chris Owens (Atlanta)
Congrats Joe! I grew up watching the bad boys from my hometown Flint, MI. You were always one of my favorites. Thanks for Representing Detroit the way you have with the pistons winning seasons from the past to present. This has been a great wave to ride and watch!
Cletus (Detroit)
First and foremost congratulations on the hall of fame. This accomplishment couldn't have gone to a better person than you. I've been a Pistons fan since 1984 and I thought I've seen everything until you came later. I'm really proud of you and what you've accomplished throughout your unforgettable 14-year career. I liked the way you defended Michael Jordan, out of all the players who tried to defend him I think you were the best defender and I loved the way you kept pestering that mad man. I've never seen a better player, I've never seen a better defensive minded player, I've never seen a better sportsman, I've never seen a better competitor, and I've never seen a better person than you Joe Dumars. Congratulations once again on your success on the court and especially on your transition to the front office. I hope your induction ceremony will be a memorable one and as a native Detroiter, I thank you for being the type of player/person that men in this city can have as an example and someone that young men can look up too. Thank you & GOD BLESS YOU!
Joe you have been an idol of mine since I was a kid. Watching you, Isiah, and the rest of the Bad Boys is what initially got me interested in basketball. Although I didn't have the talent to achieve the level of success you did, the game has taught me more than any other activity possibly could have. To be successful in any competition, one has to be committed to excellence. I think you exemplify this quality as much as anyone else in the game. Congratulations on an honor well deserved and thank you for being a unique role model in modern times.
Rick Murray
Hey Joe, congrats to you. You are truly a class act and deserve the reward of the hall. Thanks for this current group of Pistons you have pieced together. I hope and pray nothing but the best for you and your family. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!
Yolanda R. Moore (Redford Twp.)
Congrats Joe, You deserve it. Forever a "Bad Boy". Love & God Bless!
Dennis (Warren)
Congratulations, Joe, you deserve, now go get Detroit Pistons another Championship for 2006-07. Detroit Basketballlll!!!!
Andrew (Ames, IA)
Congratulations Joe Dumars, I remember pretending to be you on the Basketball court when I was a kid. Thanks for everything you've done for the Pistons and for Michigan sports.
Jeff (LA)
We've been with you since your start and will be there when you call it a day...been at a lot of pistons games and events over the years and now root from the left coast. There's a great Pistons following out here...Still wearing your jersey and as always- GO PISTONS! Thanks for it all and congrats to a real gentleman!
Ann (Essexville)
Joe - No one deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame more than you. You make the Detroit Pistons so very proud! Enjoy the accolades.
Ann Arbor
Way to go Joe. You are such an inspiration to kids all over the world!
Charlie Bruno (Boca Raton, FL)
I would like to congrat you on going into the NBA Hall Of Fame. I would always remember watching you play ball at the Palace.
Nelson (Fort Worth, TX)
Congratulation Joe, you are one of the all time greatest players in the NBA. I pattern my game behind your style on the court. Thanks for all of the great games and memories. Also by the way I am also a member of the same great fraternity you are apart of; Phi Beta Sigma. Once again congrats!!!!!
Craig King
Congrats Joe Dumars, I've always patented my b-ball game, efficiency and intelligence after you. Though I may be older than you, I've followed a great human being in Joe Dumars. Keep up the good work. I'm forever a "PISTON" fan. Peace and more great success to you and the pistons.
Pam Smith (Detroit)
Joe congratulations to the Hall of Fame. This is a special time for the city of Detroit to have someone like you to represent our city. I'm also happy you're being inducted into the Hall of Fame on September 8th, which is my 40th birthday.
Traverse City
Haven't missed a game in years. Subscribe to all the sports channels just to watch the Pistons. Congratulations to a class act!!
New York
Congratulations Mr. Dumars! You are an inspiration to me. No one is more deserving than you. Enjoy it!
Tiff (Ft. Wash., MD)
I was so excited to find out that you were going being inducted that I emailed everyone I knew. I'm doubly pleased to learn that Isiah Thomas will present you as a 2006 inductee. For years I've said you deserved more formal recognition and now you're receiving one of basketball’s most coveted honors, congratulations! It's overdue. You've always been among an elite few and now everyone else will know it and have to respect and recognize it. Wishing you all the best and again Congrats!!!
Lou (Warren)
Congratulations Joe! You've earned it!
Josemi (Spain)
Congratulations from Spain, Joe.
USAF Academy by way of Detroit
Congratulations Joe!!!! You deserve it...Baaaad Boys!
Jonathan (Great Neck, New York)
Congratulations Joe Dumars on making it to the Hall of Fame. You earned it.
Stephan (Louisville, KY)
Congratulations, Joe! You really deserve it. And thanks for making my Pistons great again!
Way to go Joe!!!!!!! Keep on doing what you're doing with the team. Much success. A true Piston fan.
Olsztyn (Poland)
Congratulations Joe!!! I’m very happy. Please stay with the Pistons forever!
Mark Swanson (Ann Arbor)
Congrats to you Joe. You and Isiah were the best backcourt in the history of basketball, in my opinion. You both deserve it. Vinnie Johnson made you guys a monstrous triple threat. I miss watching you three kill opponents. It was a thing of beauty. Good luck in your future endeavors.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Congratulations Joe D! I'm a Brazilian fan of your job and your basketball
Danny (Livonia)
Good job Mr. Dumars you’ve always been one of the best basketball players in my mind. I miss seeing u dribble down the court then throw up a three and the second it would leave your hand I could tell that it was going in. thanks for inspiring me to play basketball and get good enough to play all through high school your the best...
Tom Wilson - President and CEO, Palace Sports and Entertainment
Since 1985, when he first came to the Detroit Pistons, Joe Dumars has represented our organization and our city with a quiet dignity unparalleled by any athlete in his era. His skill, his work ethic and his "no-nonsense, get-the-job-done" philosophy, as both a player and an executive have made him a favorite son in his adopted hometown of Detroit. He raised the bar for what it means to be a player in the NBA and as executive, he transformed the Detroit Pistons into a team that other organizations admire and respect. On behalf of the entire family at Palace Sports & Entertainment, I would like to congratulate Joe on being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and thank him for teaching all of us what it means to be a professional.
Ricky Hirsch (Auburn Hills)
Congratulations, Great Player, Great President, Great person
Amy (Ferndale)
Congratulations Joe you deserve it! Amy
Mike (Grand Rapids)
Joe - Congratulations! You are my all-time favorite.
Kelcie (Northwood, OH)
Hey Joe congratulations! Thanks for all your hard work back in the day and now, being the Pistons GM! You earned it!
Harrison twp
I'm just going to keep it short and say thank you
Fran (Royal Oak)
Joe Dumars man I am just so proud of you and what you've accomplished throughout your 14-year career. You were a heck of a player during your playing years and now the hard work is about to pay off, as you’re about to accept basketball's greatest and highest honor. Congratulations on being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, how cool is that.
Steve & Aaron (Denver)
You certainly deserve it Joe!! We'll never forget you raining threes to win it all with Isiah. Congrats!!!
Prashanth (Charlotte)
Congratulations Joe! You are the face of this franchise and you absolutely deserve this Hall of Fame induction. In Joe I Trust and I always will trust
Congratulations Joe!!! Thank you for everything you have done for this town and state as a player, manager, and outstanding individual. You are a humble, classy, and hard-working man and you've created a team with those same characteristics. Awesome!!! You are a wonderful example of what this town and state stands for (Blue Collar).
Don Shane - Sports Director/Anchor WXYZ-TV
Joe Dumars is part of a very exclusive group of Detroit pro athletes….an extremely rare person who consistently performed at an all-pro level….won championships…was never involved in controversy, and carried himself with ultimate class. Joe was not interested in gaudy stats, front-page headlines, or lots of cameras around his locker. He cared about his family, teammates, his friends, and his community. Joe evolved from a quiet, almost unassuming and awe struck rookie, into one of the most respected guards in NBA history…not by proclaiming his greatness through the media but by his clutch play in the most pressure-packed moments, his character, and his devotion to charitable causes. Few accomplished what Joe has, winning NBA titles as a player and the President of basketball operations for the Pistons. It’s a tribute to his athletic ability and his phenomenal judgment of people and the skills they possess. Knowing Joe, I dare say his modesty never allowed him to think entry into the Hall of Fame was expected, but clearly, it is deeply deserved. Congratulations Joe!
Joe, Congratulations. I have been a Pistons fan for the longest time and I always liked it when you scored a basket and they would say Joe DUUUUUUUMARS!!! Take care
Grant: Detroit
Hello there Mr. Joe Dumars sir. I've always looked up to you and I still do today. You were an amazing player throughout your 14-year playing career. Thank you for coming to the Pistons and helping them win two championships as a player & another one as the President of the Pistons. I think you’re nothing but a wonderful GM and you are really a genius. Congratulations on the Hall of Fame, I know that must be quite an honor for you.
Congrats on a great career and getting into the hall!!!!!
Ashley Price (Westland)
Joe, Just wanted to congratulate you on a phenomenal career and amazing run. You are amazing and are truly an inspiration.
Battle creek
Joe, a word of congrats for all the accomplishments - as a player & executive. Your steady D and court leadership was great; but your sportsmanship & respect for the game is legendary. Best Always Joe. Mike Z
Bob Lanier - Legendary Hall of Fame Pistons Forward
Joe Dumars’ passion for basketball helped to make him a team leader, both in the locker room and off the court. He gained the respect of his peers by the way he carried himself, with class and dignity. Joe means more to the city of Detroit than the two championship trophies he helped bring to the city. He remains a consistent presence in the Detroit community and is relentlessly devoted to improving the lives of others through his community involvement. I would like to congratulate Joe on this honor and wish him continued success.
Ryan Joslyn (San Francisco)
You are THE MAN, Joe D! Not everyone in the NBA is qualified to be a role model, but you are. Thank you for your positive impact on society!! I have followed your playing and managerial career with great satisfaction. Keep up the outstanding work!!!
Dallas, TX
I want to give a big congratulations to Joe Dumars. We are very proud of you and all your accomplishments this far. From all of your Louisiana friends.
Congrats man and you deserve it. I love the Pistons and everything they are about. You guys in Detroit are the best. Good luck and God bless. ISH
Brandi & Robbin: Detroit
Hey Joe D wow this must be quite a well deserving honor for you. You know you really made a big difference ever since you were drafted by the Pistons. You had a wonderful 14 year playing career filled with so many great games and tough ones and so many outstanding accomplishments throughout your playing days. Now as you prepare to take your rightful place in the Hall of Fame and join Chuck Daly and Isiah Thomas. We think you were the one who took so much pride in your defense that you shouldn't have won the Defensive Player of Year as well as had that award named after you also. But the sportsmanship will do just fine, because you really are a true sportsman and a fine gentleman. Thank you so much for what you've done and what you've brought to the Pistons as a player. Congratulations to you and your family. God Bless You Joe Dumars III.
Jay: Chicago
Congratulations Mr. Dumars sir. You were a great player and a true hero to every fan in the N.B.A. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. I'll always remember the Pistons-Bulls rivalry; I am from Detroit by the way. At least the Pistons got most of the winning out of the Bulls three out four despite Jordan's dangerous scoring. Congratulations once again on the Hall of Fame you truly deserve this outstanding honor. God Bless You & GO PISTONS!
Nick M
The Hall of Fame is where you belong. You were awesome when you played with the Pistons and now as the President of Basketball Operations for the Pistons you have made them a championship team. You are GREAT!!!
Mark: Macomb Township:
Mr. Dumars sir, You've always been one of my favorite players growing up and you had an unforgettable 14 year carrier filled with so many memories that I'll always remember. I'll always cherish those moments of watching you play for the rest of my life. Congrats on your hall of fame induction you really deserve this awesome honor.
Patrice Hardy, Clayton NC
You a wonderful representation of a powerful man of color who truly understands his craft and works tirelessly to set a standard for others. I am proud to be a Pistons fan and even more proud that you are being recognized for this honor. It does my heart good to see a man of the race succeed. A worthy example for young men of color in Detroit and in my home state of North Carolina. Congratulations! You make this mother proud!
Tyrone McCutchen
Good afternoon Mr. Dumars. I want to send a sincere CONGRATULATIONS from the biggest piston fan in New Jersey. Thank you so much for the years of loyal PISTON basketball you gave your fans and I. I still read Blue Collar Champions to this day and have it upright on my TV stand. Once again THANK YOU and keep up the good work with DEEEETROOOIIIT BAAASKETBAAAAL!!!
Dick: Lansing
Mr. Joe Dumars sir well I guess all that hard work throughout your 14 year playing is about to pay off as you enter the hall of fame. A place filled with so many greats, so many great legends, and so many great people like yourself. You really made a huge difference in the game of basketball with your tenacious defensive presence, games where you had to carry the scoring load, and being nothing but a true sportsman. One of the things I'll always remember about you is the first championship against the L.A. Lakers. You averaged 17 points in the regular season up to 27 points during the series where you went nut, I won't forget about the 33 point in game 2 which you were in the zone. Plus the 31 points in game 3, including 17 straight during one stretch and the unforgettable blocked shot on David Rivers was truly an amazing blocked shot wow wee. Thank you for everything that you've done for the Detroit Pistons as a player and thank you for staying this time as the President of Basketball Operations. You know you really are a wonderful G.M. and I like you way you think. Congratulations on being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame you really deserve this fantastic honor because you played like and you acted like one also. Be who you are and accept this honor with nothing but class and pride. Thank You!
James (Detroit)
Joe D. Thanks for what you've done for the city and for basketball as a whole. You are doing a great job.
Dor (Israel)
You were a great player and now you're a great GM! Just continue doing the great job you're doing in Motown, we love you! Congratulations!
Steven, Detroit
Great job Joe. It was a long time coming. I believe that Joe D was the greatest Piston to ever play the game. I can still hear the announcer saying "Joe Duuuuuumars".
Rey (San Antonio)
Congratulation on a well deserved spot in the hall of fame. And thanks for the great in years on and off the court .You have done a great job with the city and the Detroit Pistons.
Congrats on your induction to the HOF. I was watching you play when I was kid. I always loved how you played with so much heart. I used to watch you play with my father who died in'91. Thanks for the memories.
Josh (Holland)
Congratulations man you deserve it
Congrats, Joe many more blessings to come.
Coatesville, PA
Joe, I from Michigan and congratulate you, and even though I am in Rip's city, I am true Pistons fan. Now we need a shooter and defensive player like you were back in the day.
Doug (Omaha)
Joe, you exemplified the true meaning of sportsmanship in a professional athlete, we can all learn by your example of how to play, not just basketball but sports in general. Thank you for the memories and continued success with Pistons.
Toni (Detroit)
Congratulations and it is about time. You are doing a great job as President of Basketball Operations keep on doing what you're doing.
Matt (Michigan)
Congratulations on making it Joey D! You've always been an inspiration to all Pistons fans, and basketball fans in general. You sure do deserve to be in the HOF!
Andrea (Italy)
Congratulations for entering in the Hall of Fame! You highly deserve such a great honor. You set an example on and off the court. You are one of the greatest of all-time. Again, congrats! And Go Pistons!
Bernie Smilovitz – WDIV-TV
When I heard that Joe Dumars was going into the Hall of Fame I wondered WHAT took them so long?? Here's a guy who epitomized professionalism and class and there's no one that deserves this honor more! Congratulations Joe...from Natchitoches to Springfield. You did it!!!

Andrew Christmas the Third (Detroit)
Joe no one deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame more than you. You are a true professional, whether it was your playing career, or the front office, you were a champion in both and I'm glad you will always be looked at as a winner. Congratulations Joe D.
Rashad (Romulus, MI)
Congrats Joe! You were always a class act! Been a Pistons fan since I was 5!
Anthony (Canton_
Hey Joe D well congratulations sir you earned this wonderful honor and you should be proud. Keep doing what you're doing and hopefully you'll might be inducted again this time as an executive, we'll see what happens. God Bless You & GO PISTONS!
Johnny Hodge
Congrats Joe on the big Hall of Fame! Thanks for both the play on the court, and the mastermind decisions off! You're the best! Championship time this year!
Jemil Metti (Commerce Township)
Congratulations. Well deserved. You more than earned your way to the Hall of Fame. You were always model sportsman; the consumate diplomat and gentleman for the sport of basketball. You always exemplify what basketball should be, on and off the court. You are a class act few will ever be able to emulate. You do us proud Joe; not just for Detroiters or Michiganians, but for America.
Christine (Detroit)
Congratulations Joe on your induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. There's More To Come!! Watch for It.
Jen (Columbus)
Congratulations! Great for the Pistons back then, great for them now!
Joan Fredendall (Fort Gratiot)
CONGRATULATIONS JOE!! You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I watched you and the Pistons when the Team was the Bad Boys. You've set an excellent example of a role model. All our sons should be such "Bad Boys".
Dak (Ypsilanti, MI)
Good for you Mr.Dumars, it's been long over due! You're the best man to ever play the game, and will always be an icon in the Detroit area. A real class act!
Dominique Wilkins - NBA Legend and fellow Hall-of-Fame inductee
I’d like to congratulate Joe on his Hall of Fame induction. It is well deserved. Joe was one of the best defensive two-guards this league has ever seen, and was a huge part of those great Pistons championship teams. I’m thrilled and honored to go in with him.

Tom (Oakland Township)
Joe Dumars wow what can I say about you. You've had an unforgettable 14 year career, filled with so many accomplisments, good games, bad games, and so much more. You really did it all, you weren't a big talker which is fine. I loved the way you let your game do the taking rather than your mouth, I also admired the way you played your game and didn't complain not one ounce. One of my favorite memories about you is when you went wild against Portland in game three. I'm happy you stepped up your game and broke that losing streak in Portland. Those 33 points were amazing and I'm glad you played the rest of the series even though your father passed during that time. I know he would still be proud of you if he were here today. Congratulations on being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame it's a great accomplisment & you should be proud.
Stacy (Bloomfield Hills)
Hey Joe D Congratulations on being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Wow that's got to be quite an honor for you. I've been a Pistons fan all my life and I've enjoyed every minute of Pistons Basketball. My favorite memory about you during your 14 years of playing is the tenacious defensive presence on Michael Jordan. I've always loved and admired the way you shut that guy down, oh wow. I think you were the only player that could stop him, even though sometimes it's not so easy keeping that man's numbers down my god! At least you had a great run against Jordan and the Bulls, I'm still not over the things Jordan said about the Pistons when the Bulls crushed us in the 1991 Eastern Finals. Congratulations once again Mr. Joe Dumars may GOD bless you and your family.
John (Macomb Township, MI)
Joe, not to sound cheesy but there's no other way to describe you than as simply the best. You've meant so much to the Pistons organization both as a player and executive. You teamed with Isiah Thomas to form one of the greatest backcourts in NBA history and amazingly transformed a lottery team into NBA Champions in just 4 short years. You were an integral part of all 3 of the Pistons NBA titles, and I have no doubt there will be many more to come with your steady leadership and brilliant decision making. Congratulations on your induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, it is well deserved but long overdue.
Eric Richards (Clinton Twp)
Congrats Joe, I spent many years as a teen watching you and the Pistons. You guys got me excited in basketball when I was young, and 4 of the best years of my life were playing basketball for my highschool. Congrats once again. Eric.
Pat Bristol (Grand Rapids)
Joe you are the man. I've watched you since I was a kid and I just want to thank you for giving the fans of Detroit something to cheer about. I believe you are deeply responsible for the success of the club, from the Bad Boys until now. You are the best exec of any sport. Congrats you deserve it.
Marcin (Poland)
All the best for you, Joe! You were great, you are great and you'll be great... Marcin from Poland.
Mina (Detroit)
I just want to congratulate one of the hardest working men in the NBA, Mr. Dumars you have always been a personal favorite of mine on and off the court. You carry yourself with so much class. I just wanted to congratulate you on your road to the Hall of Fame where you most definitely belong.
Adrian Dantley - Former Pistons forward and current Denver Nuggets Assistant Coach
Congratulations Joe on being elected to the Hall of Fame. It couldn’t happen to a better person. Joe is a first-class individual. He was a great team player and a great teammate. I used to always call him the “quiet assassin”. Even though he had a quiet demeanor, he was very competitive on the court and would rip your heart out.

Erika Swilley (Auburn Hills, MI)
Congratulations! Your induction into the Hall of Fame is well deserved. As an employee of the Palace I am also impressed with your savvy business skills. You are a man of many talents and I salute you.
Dennis (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Congratulations from a Danish Celtics fan! And thanks for always being feisty but fair...
Nicki-Red (Trenton, NJ)
Congratulations, I have been a fan of yours since I was a teenager. As a female and a big fan of the sport, I find myself often debating about the Detroit Bad Boys. And no matter what is said, your name is always in the mix. I am happy for you and you deserve it. Congratulations once again.
Nick (Grand Rapids)
Congratulations!!! It's so cool when a Piston/former Piston gets in the Hall of Fame. Again, Congrats! P.S. 4 is my favorite number.
Rob (Georgetown, KY)
Joe you're my hero, this honor is deserved keep up the good work with running this team, you are the face of Detroit for all time. Congratulations. Hall of fame well deserved Joe-D!
Mitch Albom - Detroit Free Press
Joe Dumars and I arrived about the same time in Detroit, and it has been my privilege to shadow his career. Suffice it to say if more athletes were like Dumars, there’d be a lot more happy sportswriters. Joe set the bar very high in both short and long pants, and he continues to do so every day. Congratulations to Joe for inspiring belief in the star athlete as a good human being. The Hall of Fame will be a better place for having him in it.

Kiko (Porto Alegre)
Hey, Joe! I'm from Brazil and I'm here to say congrats to you! You deserve that honor for sure! And the best man to introduce you couldn't be a better man but Isiah! Go Pistons!!!
Robbie (Wixom)
Hey what's up Joe. First of all congratulations on the Hall of Fame this is such a most deserving honor for you and what you've done throughtout your 14 year playing career. You know I've always idloized you & I still idloize you now as the President of the Pistons. Thanks for all the hard work and determination that you brought to the Pistons. Last but not least thanks for delivering Detroit two, well three championship titles. Congratulations once again. You were a true player and you are a true genlteman. Thank You!
Mike (Toledo, Ohio)
Congrats on the Hall of Fame ....I've watched a lot of your old games, I'm only 15 so I didn't really get to grow up watching you, but between you and Isiah, you guys are my inspiration.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Congrats Joe you deserve it. I loved the days of the Bad Boys, you and Isiah made one of the greatest guard duos in NBA history. Looking forward to another successful Pistons season. Wish I still lived in Michigan for the fact that I have to see Pistons games on T.V. or at Charlotte or Atlanta, but I will travel to see them. Wish I could afford to fly to Detroit to see as many games as possible. Go Pistons!
Jack McCallum - Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated
In my two decades of covering the NBA, I have met many players I would consider total professionals, both on and off the court. At the top--not near the top but at the VERY top--is Joe. It has been a privilege to chronicle his career as a championship player and a championship executive.

SSG Brian Waananen (Iraq)
Mr. Dumars, Congratulations on your accomplishment. Throughout my entire childhood I watched you and the rest of the Bad Boys. You have been a true warrior for the city of Detroit and I want to thank you for everything you've done for the city. Again, congrats. Staff Sergeant Brian Waananen
Monica (Detroit)
Congratulations to you Joe D on the Hall of Fame. You know you've done a lot of good here in Detroit ever since you got here in '85. It's hard to believe you've been here with the Pistons for 21 years, wow! You were fantastic during your 14 year playing days & you're doing a wonderful job as President you really are a genius. I believe in the Pistons and I believe the Pistons have a great President, keep up the good work. Congrats once again & I look foward to watching you on T.V. getting in the Hall of Fame.
Angela Kennedy and Annie Kennedy (Detroit)
Congrats Joe!!! I've watched you and followed your career for years and you are the man!! Even my 77yr old mom loves you and the Pistons. She didn't miss watching a game last season or seasons before that. Will one day take her to see one live. I think you are phenomenal. You were as player and even more so as a businessman. You deserve this induction. From 2 of your biggest fans, Angela Kennedy and Annie Kennedy.
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Joe I am one of your greatest fans, and an even greater fan to the Detroit Pistons. I just want to thank you for many years, tears and championships, we had ups and we had downs, but most of all we had the Pistons. Again thank you and congratulations on your well deserved Hall of Fame Induction.
Tyrone (Harrisburg)
Hey Joe this couldn't have happened to a better person than you!! You have the values, the sportsmanship, the integrity and most of all the heart... Congratulations Joe D.
Carl (Atlanta,Ga)
Joe, you're simply the best, on and off the court. A role model for all, young and old. congrats!
Woody (St. Clair Shores)
Congratulations Joe D. I'm glad that you are being enshrined into the Hoop Hall, you deserve it!
Ron (Simi Valley)
You are truly a great person. I have been a fan of yours since you came into the league. You are doing a great job as director of the Pistons organization. I am from Gonzales, Louisiana and it is great to see a "home boy" doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the great work. The state of Louisiana is proud of you.
David (Detroit)
Congratulations Joe on getting in the Hall of Fame. I've always idolized you ever since you were with the Detroit Pistons and I still idolize you today as the President. You were an amazing player during your 14 wonderful years in a Pistons jersey, you just what the good LORD sent to us. Thanks for the memories and everything that you have given not only the Pistons, but the city of Detroit as well.
Sally (Saginaw, MI)
Joe, CONGRATULATIONS on your induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Way Past Due! You have always been my Number 1 player. Even named my cat, Joey D. Best of Luck Always, Sally
LaMonte Smith
Hey CONGRATULATIONS JOE!!! I grew up watching the BAD BOYS do their thang'. So it;s a pleasure to finally have the league recognize what you, Zeke, Lamb, and the Pistons of that era did to change the way the game is played. So here's to you, an honorary Detroiter, a good sportsman , and a helluva BALLER!!!!!
Paris M. Rutledge (Detroit)
Joe, I have followed your entire professional career and at this moment I can not think of a better person to induct into the Hall of Fame. Not only were you an amazing player (the only man in history that could check Michael Jordan with no problem) but a man with values and morals. A REAL man that I would be proud to see as a role model for children, as well as an excellent Pistons President. CONGRATULATIONS Joe, you are still number 1 in my book.
Lauren (Farmington Hills)
Congratulations, Joe! Finally your hard work and knowledge of basketball strategy is being recognized! Keep up the great work with the Pistons!
Reggie (Detroit)
Hey Joe D, congratulations on being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. You've always been one of my favorite players growing up and I still look up to you. You're doing a fantastic job with the Pistons as President of Basketball Operations, keep up the good work. God Bless You.
Trent (Detroit)
Mr. Joe Dumars: First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your success on the court and especially on your transition to the front office. I'm sure your parents are very proud of the person you are and the example that you have set for future generations of athletes and business professionals. I've probably been one of your most enthusiastic fans in my own quiet way. I also believe that leading is something that should be done and not talked about. It's an honor as a Pistons fan to know that the award for outstanding citizenship bares your name as a tribute to your character. It is my continued pleasure to still enjoy my three favorite Pistons of all times in some connection to the game of Basketball. Yourself, Isiah, and Grant Hill. I hope your induction ceremony will be a memorable one and as a native Detroiter, I thank you for being the type of player/person that men in this city can have as an example.
John (Croatia)
Thanks for everything! Be the best! Long live Joe!
Shanika (Detroit, MI)
Congratulations Joe D WOW! I'm glad you're now a Hall of Famer. I know you're very excited on the inside but not on the outside, that's ok. You're still the same old Mr. Quiet Joe D. I'm very proud of you and what you've accomplished throughout your entire 14 year career. Now we have three bad boys in the Hall of Fame: Chuck Daly, Isiah Thomas, and now you. Thanks for the memories that you have given me and I look forward to watching the Hall of Fame on TV and see you take your place.
Deon (Lansing)
Joe you had a heck of of a 14 year playing career, now all that's about to pay off as you are about to enter the Hall of Fame. You should have gotten in last year, but 1 out 2 is not that bad. Congratulations on the Hall of Fame, you really deserve this great honor.
Roy Fowler (Detroit)
Joe, this must be quite an accomplishment for you and your family. I've always admired you ever since the Detroit Pistons drafted you out of McNeese State. One of my favorite highlights about you during your amazing 14 year playing days is none other than the smothering defense on Michael Jordan, I've always loved the way you pester him whenever he has the ball and how you dominated him pretty good. I'll bet it was tough keeping his numbers down. Your defense has always been outstanding, the NBA should name the Defensive Player of the Year after you. But anyways Congratulations on being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, it's a well deserving honor for you.
Curtis (West Bloomfield)
What's happening Joe D. Wow this is quite an honor and a well deserving award for you. Congratulations to you Joe Dumars, I've always watched you ever since the Pistons drafted you and I still look up to you now as the team President. Keep doing what you're doing. Congratulations once again on the Hall of Fame, it's a great accomplishment. GO PISTONS!
Jeremy Walker (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Congrats Joey D. I grew up in Detroit watching you, Isiah and Vinnie, the best 3 guard rotation ever. Always loved your style of play and your demeanor on the court. It was really great as a young hooper to be able to watch you on a nightly basis. I was educated as well as entertained by watching you. Been in Ohio for 7 years but will always be a Pistons fan. Don't ever underestimate how much you guys meant to the city and all those young men like myself growing up in the late 80s early 90s. I appreciate everything you have been and done for the organization over the years. This induction is long overdue in my opinion. Thanks for being a great example JOE D. Proud of You! Jeremy Walker