DTE Energy and The Detroit Pistons Are Going Green For Energy Efficiency

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People across our state are looking to take more control of their energy costs and save money.

“Learning more about energy efficiency is a great way to achieve that goal and the Detroit Pistons have provided us with a unique venue for helping consumers learn about energy efficiency” said Kim Huffman of DTE Energy. “Sponsoring events like Detroit Pistons Green Week allows us to interact with and educate consumers on how to save money on their energy bill in a fun way.”

On March 29, April 7 and April 12, DTE energy efficiency experts will be at the Palace to discuss ways to save energy and conduct various raffles for fans to win great prizes like a Ball Kid experience (3/29, 4/7) and autographed memorabilia (4/12). DTE has made it a priority to educate customers about the benefits of energy efficiency. Simple things, like switching to CFL bulbs, or turning off electronic devices when not in use, can make a difference. To help you get there faster, DTE’s Energy Efficiency Program provides a comprehensive slate of rebates to make energy efficiency easier and cheaper. From appliance recycling to weatherization, we want to help you take control of your energy use and lower your energy bills.

To learn more about offers and rebates you may be eligible for when making various energy efficiency improvements and to view our latest online tools to help you save, visit dteenergy.com/saveenergy.

Both the Detroit Pistons and DTE Energy are working together to help you save energy and save money. It’s good for you, for our environment and for the energy future of Michigan.