Postgame Quotes - February 25, 2011

Pistons at 76ers
Detroit: John Kuester | Will Bynum

Philadelphia: Doug Collins | Elton Brand | Thaddeus Young

Pistons Head Coach John Kuester

(On what made him so angry) "Jason Maxiell is 290 pounds and Elton Brand just moved him right out, and there's no way that I should have been kicked out of that game. I'm very disappointed. Of all the games I've ever been a head coach, this is the one that I did not want to get kicked out of."

(On whether he thought he would get ejected) "Oh, absolutely not. Not at all. First of all, give Philadelphia credit. They played a good game. They shot the ball well but I thought our guys played hard. We cut our numbers down as you well know. These guys gave me everything they had."

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On tonight's effort) "We knew it was going to be tough as far as minutes-wise, so we just tried to give it our best effort. They kept throwing different guys on different lineups out there. I think it kind of wore us down."

(On current Pistons situation) "I don't have any thoughts on anything that's going on. I just try to stay professional and positive throughout whatever's going on. You know, because it's still a business. It's still my job to be a professional basketball player, so that's what I'm trying to do."

76ers Head Coach Doug Collins

“Wow. I am glad that game is over. I had no idea what to expect. I knew what to expect from our team, but I had no idea what to expect from Detroit, who they were going to play. I did tell our guys that that team is very capable of scoring. [Will] Bynum was terrific. We did a really good job on Ben Gordon, holding him to six for 17. We did a good job on [Greg] Monroe. He got most of his late. ”

(On reaching .500) "We dug ourselves a huge hole. For them to do what they have done…I really feel bad for John Keuster and what he was going through today. He gets thrown out of the game and you could just see the angst and the pressure on him. Being a coach, obviously I feel for coaches like that. From our standpoint, I thought that our guys did a good job of not letting that affect them or distract us—what was happening in Detroit. We did not let that affect us. To me, that shows a lot of maturity."

76ers Forward Elton Brand

(On playing the Pistons) “Yeah, it was not taking that team lightly tonight. Sometimes that can energize a team. They still had guys that can score. Will Bynum had a 26-point fourth quarter before in this league. Ben Gordon scored 50, [Charlie] Villanueva scored 40. You know they had an offensive, strong team, so we had to play well."

(On reaching .500) "It seems that teams [that are] .500 are pretty mediocre, but it’s a great feeling from where we came, three and 13. Since January 2nd, we are 12 and 4. That’s one of the best records in the league. Top five records in the league. So we’re proud of ourselves and worked hard to achieve that."

76ers Forward Thaddeus Young

(On playing the Pistons) “Whatever goes on in their locker room, it should not affect us or dictate anything we do. It’s just about going out there executing, doing things we know how to do, and I think we did a great job at doing that tonight. We did not let whatever was happening with them get in the way of what we want."

(On the state of the 76ers) "Yeah, I’m definitely much more comfortable. It’s great, you got a great coach, great coaching staff, great group of guys who’s been through it all. We’re all here for one thing and it’s to try to get to the playoffs and potentially win a championship. Right now, we’re just taking it game by game. Just trying to stay focused."

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