Postgame Quotes - February 5, 2011

Pistons at Bucks

Detroit: John Kuester | Tayshaun Prince
Bucks: Scott Skiles | Andrew Bogut | Keyon Dooling

Pistons Head Coach John Kuester
On game: “Any time you win on the road it’s a great win. Milwaukee always plays us tough. They’re a good team, well coached. I thought our guys came and did a great job roughing the beginning. Ben Wallace set the tone again defensively, he was such an integral part of how we defended (Andrew) Bogut. I thought (Tracy McGrady) did a great job of pacing the game, keeping it comfortable. Tayshaun (Prince) had a double-double with 12 (points) and 11 (rebounds) and it was well balanced.”

On Richard Hamilton's impact:“He did a nice job. We’re down a player with (Rodney) Stuckey and he came in, did a nice job, made some shots and I thought he played hard.”

On Detroit's interior defense: “Ben had been on in the beginning and did a real nice job and Greg (Monroe) is going to learn how to play these kinds of guys because he had a rhythm and once he had a rhythm I didn’t want to chance it.”

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

On Detroit's changes from the first to second half:“We made a point to come out in the second half and continue to get the shots we got but to pick up our defense a little bit. We gave up some open shots in the first half but I think in the second half the most important thing is we kind of controlled the paint defensively for most of the stretches of the second half.”

On Richard Hamilton's return: “We had a lot of guys contribute tonight and once he got into the game there was kind of an excitement on the court for the team and in the crowd, you know how it is. So it was huge for us. It goes to show you that when you’re not playing you still have to stay in shape, still work on your game and still get some workouts in. He worked out an hour before the game today not knowing he was going to play. Once the opportunity called he was ready.”

Bucks Head Coach Scott Skiles
On trying to find a winning combination tonight: “We didn’t play very well beginning to end, to say the least. Basically all they had to do in the first five, six minutes of the game is put one of their guards down on the baseline, run off a couple screens, they were wide open, they knocked those down. We had great difficulty getting something going; Bogues (Andrew Bogut) got something going for us a little bit, and he was very good in the first half, but we had a hard time finding a place to go with it, getting anything of quality going.”

On lineup shakeup in the fourth quarter: “We tried to close it and couldn’t get over the hump, that happened multiple times. You never know, you put fresh bodies in the game, maybe something gets ignited, somebody could steal it. We hung in a little bit there, but we couldn’t get it.”

Bucks Center Andrew Bogut

On the loss: “Our defense in that first quarter was terrible. Rip (Richard) Hamilton, he’s an All-Star, [but] he hasn’t played in over a month, and he comes in and starts hitting shots and we’re not rotating well. There’s no excuse for our effort tonight, we played terribly offensively, defensively. Talent doesn’t cut it in this league. We’re a talented team, but we’re not good enough at the moment. Whether we find that in practice, or we find it wherever we find it, we need to find it before Tuesday. We have two winnable games coming up; we’ll go from there.”

Bucks Guard Keyon Dooling
On the loss: “We got a lot of good players, so if some nights some guys don’t have it going, guys that come in off the bench can get it done. Unfortunately tonight for us, we had too many guys who couldn’t get it going. At the end of the day, we have a lot of talent on paper, but we’re just not getting it done, flat out. We’re not getting it done on the offensive end, we’re not getting it done on the defensive end. We’re not winning in the intangible game, the hustle points, the things that don’t show up in the stats sheet. Right now, we are what our record says we are; we are not a very good team right now. But, that could change. We have enough ability, enough talent to make that change. It just has to happen soon for us.”