Postgame Quotes - January 28, 2011

Pistons at Heat
Detroit: John Kuester | Austin Daye | Ben Gordon

Miami: Erik Spoelstra | James Jones | Eddie House | LeBron James

Pistons Head Coach John Kuester

On the Final Play of the Game:

“I didn’t see the contact and I haven’t seen the play. Tayshaun (Prince) made a great pass and I thought Austin (Daye) had a great opportunity.”

“First time we tried to get the ball to T-Mac (Tracy McGrady), but LeBron (James) was all over him, did a great job, and got the foul. We knew it would be very difficult for T-Mac to do anything, or Tayshaun (Prince) in that situation; we knew we had a secondary opportunity.”

On the Game:

“I’m so proud of our guys. I think they are playing so hard and trying to do things the right way. We didn’t shoot the ball particularly well tonight, but when that happens your defense has to get better; I think our defense has.”

“I knew this stretch was going to be tough, and you are playing a high quality team.”

“We are better than our record. What we have to do is continue to play the rest of the season this way, and hopefully good things will happen.”

On Ben Gordon’s Foul of Eddie House at the End of the Game:

“It was a close call [if Ben Gordon fouled Eddie House]. I thought B.G. (Ben Gordon) did a great job defensively. I couldn’t make that call.”

On LeBron James:

“He’s a great player. In the open court he is like a freight train. I thought our guys did a good job on him. He made that big three, and that’s what great players do – make great plays.”

On Austin Daye

“He (Austin Daye) had a great game. The young man is getting better. I think he has a bright future, and he is somebody who I thought was sticking his nose in there. I thought when he was in there guarding Bron (LeBron James), and I mean no one can guard Bron one-on-one, and Austin, his body language (showed he) was doing a great job of defending.”

Pistons Forward Austin Daye

On the game:

“It was a good designed play. I just missed it. It was a rough ending to a good game. Eddie House did a good job of knocking down those clutch free-throws.”

Pistons Guard Ben Gordon

On the game:

“I tried to challenge it (Eddie House’s shot) the best I could without fouling, but the call went the other way. We had two more chances to do something on the offensive end, but we came up short.”

“You really can’t ask for much better of an opportunity at the end of a game.”

On LeBron James:

“We should have made an adjustment to get the ball out of his (LeBron James) hands, and try to make other guys beat us. That’s LeBron James, and he willed that team to victory tonight. ”

Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

On the game:

“These are very good basketball games for your ball club - when you’re faced with a lot of adversity. We didn’t know Dwyane [Wade] wasn’t playing until about 45 minutes before the game.”

“This was a mental toughness game where we certainly did not get into a consistent rhythm. That is a credit to the Pistons. We had to find a way to grind it out. We were in another close game, and I think we were much better tonight in those late game situations than we were last night. Even with Lebron [James] making a lot of plays, he was brilliant there in the fourth quarter on both ends of the court, but that last play was a great trust play. The pick-and-roll, throw it back to Eddie [House], and Eddie had to make something off the dribble.”

On the team’s trust:

“It’s what we talked about ad nauseam pre-game - our trust and our execution of our offense. A lot of times you’ll end up with the same situation. They said something about the karma of the basketball game – you execute your offense and then if they defend it well, boom, it ends up now in your best player’s hands with the same one-on-one isolation that you had last night.”

“Even when we weren’t making shots, I thought our trust was still at a necessary level and that is an improvement from last night.”

On the HEAT’s three point shooting:

“When our three point shooters are open, I want them to take shots. I’m not putting a steadfast rule on our three’s, but our guys understand that we need to develop an inside out game. We want to attack for lay-ups, dunks, free-throws, and we want to get inside-out threes. We don’t want to settle for the early, no pass, zero pass jack.”

“I want those guys [Mike Miller, James Jones] shooting with confidence.”

On the last play of the game:

“It’s a simple play that we’ve run, but we got something different out of it this time and it was also different than how we played last night.”

On playing through the adversity:

“It would have been easy to be deflated in this game finding out 45 minutes before the tip that one of your warriors [Dwyane Wade] couldn’t play, but the guys were really focused and determined on this to stick with it.”

Heat Forward James Jones

On the game:

“This is a victory we needed. These are the victories that really count for something because it was purely guts tonight. Guys were banged up coming off a tough loss last night. We had to show resolve tonight and you have to give them credit because they are a tremendously athletic, talented team. They did what they needed to do to make it a game. We just made one more play then they did.”

On the final play of the game:

“They have great shooters in Ben (Gordon) and T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) and they have great athleticism with their perimeter players. So it was one or the other and you figure they’ll try and get to the basket, to the rim, something close so that if they miss they have time to rebound and maybe tip it again. He made the call and we made the play.”

On dealing with all the team’s injuries:

“You’re always frustrated. We were frustrated when Udonis (Haslem) went down because his injury was a season long injury. There was no coming back a week later, two weeks later, and being the warrior and coming back to rescue us. But with the injuries we have now it’s kind of like musical chairs, guys are shuffling in, shuffling out and we’re trying to build consistency at the same time. But that’s why this league is a tough league, that’s why you have to bring it every night and compete because regardless of who’s playing the games still go on.”

Heat Guard Eddie House

On LeBron passing him the ball for the last play:

“It means everybody depends on everybody. We believe in each other. If you don’t have a play you try to make a play for somebody else; make it easier for your teammates. At the end that’s what happened. I got fouled and knocked the free throws down.”

On hitting the last two foul shots to win the game:

“It felt like when I was ten years old and I used to imagine that same situation. You’ve been doing it forever; imagining that you’re down one and you have two free throws to win the game. No pressure; just go up there and knock them down.”

On the game:

“This was one of those back-to-back, guys are tired, guys logged heavy minutes last night, and at the same time had to turn around and log heavy minutes tonight after getting in real late. It was a real gutsy win for us.”

“I was feeling good. I was getting open shots and just trying to knock them down. I was feeling no better than I was the last few games.”

Heat Forward LeBron James

On the game:

“I defiantly tweaked my ankle again tonight. I went to a spin move and the ball was stripped, I fell right into Joel’s (Anthony) knee, thankfully he wears knee pads during the game because if not it could have been really ugly.”

“We can easily make the excuse that we got in late last night with a back-to-back, but no one feels sorry for us. We have to come out and play. No matter who is in uniform guys have to step up and it was great that we had some guys step up. Mike (Miller) played through injuries all night. Eddie House played a good game off the bench and everyone else just filled in and made things happen to get us a team win.”

“Everyone stepped up, played some big minutes and made some big shots.

On Dwyane Wade going in for a MRI:

“I think it’s just precautionary, at the same time the injury bug has struck our team. I think everyone is playing with some injury. You hate for it to happen with D Wade(Dwyane Wade), Chris (Bosh) is still trying to figure it out, Mike (Miller) and myself. Health is number one and we have to be healthy. The MRI is a good step just to make sure everything is okay.”

On the team’s injuries:

“I don’t think it’s frustrating. You want to be whole. I think it has its pros and its cons. The pros are that guys actually get a chance to play and it builds confidence for a lot of guys that haven’t been in the rotation when we’ve been full. Mike (Miller) is playing at a higher level right now and Eddie House once again has been playing at a higher level. The cons are we aren’t in much of a rhythm. It’s hard to be in a rhythm where you have guys in and out of the line-up.”