Postgame Quotes - March 18, 2012

Pistons at Clippers

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Jonas Jerebko | Greg Monroe
Los Angeles: Vinny del Negro | Randy Foye | Blake Griffin

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

RE: Overall thought’s on today’s game
“We made it the type of game we needed to make. We needed to make it a grind-it-out type of game and we did that. Obviously we get into the moment of truth and similar things happen that we just have to continue to get better at. We’re putting ourselves in position and the next step is learning how to finish out games from all standpoints: from a coaching standpoint and from a playing standpoint.”

RE: Shot selection in the last three minutes
“When you look at the possessions in the last three minutes, we paired up Tay [Tayshaun Prince] and Greg [Monroe] in some two-man games and pick-and-rolls. I thought Tay [Tayshaun Prince] had two great looks at the rim and they didn’t go in. Then the next possession we posted Greg [Monroe] and he drew a foul. Greg [Monroe] had a beat going later on in the post. I think there were some good ones. Some of the misses we had were the right type of shots.”

Pistons Forward Jonas Jerebko

RE: Physical nature of the Clippers
“We knew that coming in. They have Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, [Reggie] Evans. It was going to be a tough physical game.”

RE: Plays late in overtime
“Randy [Foye] made some big shots. We had some good shots in the end, they just didn’t go in. I felt like we had it today, but I felt like we had every game on this road trip. We could have been 4-0.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

RE: Plays late in overtime
“There are some plays we could have made, especially that rebound at the end of the game I missed. You’ve got to make those plays to win games. Everyone feels like we should have won this game, because we came out and played hard for four quarters. A couple loose balls, a couple missed assignments, a missed block-out and that is the difference in the game.”

RE: Mindset going into overtime
“Coach called my number and I was just trying to make sure I was effective. With the game on the line made sure I had good strong moves going towards the basket.”

Clippers Head Coach Vinny del Negro

RE: Today’s Win against the Pistons
“We found a way to win today, and that’s really what it comes down to. I’m proud of the guys and the way they battled. We didn’t shoot particularly well again, but we found a way. We had some mix-match lineups out there. I thought our defense was a little bit better, especially in the second half. They hurt us on the glass, there’s no question about that. We tried to open the court up a little bit for Chris Paul with some shooters out there. We were able to hold them down in the fourth quarter and overtime. They came back and had some opportunities, but we had some key stops down the stretch.”

RE: The Play of Nick Young
“We tried to incorporate Nick Young out there today, which was tough, but I think he did a great job for us. He made some free throws and had a big steal, so all in all, we will take it.”

RE: The Play of the Pistons
“Detroit has been playing well in their last couple of games. They have some weapons, but we were able to control them when we needed to. Tayshaun Prince got loose a couple of times and his energy hurt us a lot, especially on the glass. He’s pretty clever with the basketball. It was just one of those games where we had to step up. I’m pleased with the overall effort and the way we stayed together.”

RE: The play of the guards
“Not much surprises me with Chris Paul. He’s very competitive and when we open the court up, he has so much more space. We went small today because we had to. When we play small we open up the court and open up opportunities for our scorers.”

Clipper Guard Randy Foye

RE: Tonight’s game plan
“Teams are playing tough defense against us. Tonight was a low scoring game. We stuck with out defensive keys, tried to keep Tayshaun [Prince] from going left and also [Greg] Monroe at the end and it paid off for us.”

RE: On teams trying to slow the Clippers down
“They came in here and did that. I think towards the end we did a great job forcing them into turnovers. We didn’t turn the ball over much in the second half and our main focus today was to go out there and play aggressive.”

RE: Getting stops down the stretch
“Caron [Butler] did a great job on Tayshaun Prince and Blake [Griffin] also did a great job. We had four guards in there and we all had to rebound and lock in and play hard.”

RE: On winning back to back games
“It feels good to win back to back. We know our road schedule. We go to Indiana tomorrow so we just had to win this last one on our home court.”

Clippers Forward Blake Griffin

RE: On tonight’s win
“We really just made sure we were on our rotations. Everybody was helping and when there were shots missed everyone went after the ball.”

RE: Tonight’s offensive struggles
“Guys were just missing shots today they normally hit but it happens.”

RE: Chris Paul’s play
“He is a great player. We need him to control the end of games by making plays and that’s exactly what he does. He made plays and he has won these last two games for us.”