Postgame Quotes - March 30, 2011

Pistons at Pacers
Detroit: John Kuester | Greg Monroe | Richard Hamilton

Indiana: Frank Vogel | Brandon Rush | Mike Dunleavy | Josh McRoberts

Pistons Head Coach John Kuester

(On the third quarter) We needed to come out with some energy and the guys didn’t have it. They turned the ball over quickly and you know we didn’t handle that second and third, especially the third period. But I thought the group that came in played with energy. They worked hard and I thought you’ve got to give Indiana a lot of credit.

(On not getting rebounds) That was the thing that hurt us, especially in the third period. It was getting those extra opportunities. You work so hard for a few seconds and then all of a sudden you’re not able to get that rebound that is important to you. You have to consistently block out and we didn’t do that tonight.

(On their long road drought) We’re trying different things right now, in trying to get something going so we can win that road game. But I’ll tell you our energy is so much better at home compared to on the road. In the NBA if you don’t come ready to play, teams find out. It doesn’t matter what their record is right now, if you don’t come to play you’re going to get beat.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On the second quarter) They made a run. That’s basically what happened. They made a big run in the second quarter and came out right after halftime and made another run. They just got into a groove. I think they just started executing, started hitting shots, started getting easy cuts to the basket.

(On losing the to the Pacers after beating them last game) They’re back at home and were able to re-energize on their home court. We didn’t respond to any of their runs today.”

Pistons Guard Richard Hamilton

(On the second quarter) They really came out and fed off of their fans in the second quarter. And we kind of turned the ball over on the first three possessions of the second half and that really hurt us. We were already down ten. It’s tough to come back when a team makes an early run like that.

(On their road problems) You don’t ever really think about it. Every game is a new game. With eight games left that’s what we have to try to do — get better.”

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel

“Great win, very excited about it. I thought our focus and concentration was very strong. Our depth is probably our greatest strength. We’re playing as a team, playing together. When we do that we’re pretty good. We’ve got great balance. Our bench has been a strength all year and will continue to be. They moved the ball and they play with energy. And in the second quarter tonight they defended well. Josh (McRoberts) was all over the glass tonight. He, Jeff (Foster) and Tyler (Hansbrough) are relentless on the glass.”

Pacers Guard Brandon Rush

“I didn’t shoot the ball as well as I can. I had some open looks and just didn’t knock them down. I felt pretty good on the defensive end and our group functioned pretty well. Jeff came in and always gives that energy on the glass. We just have to build on this. There is no room for error now. We have to continue to play tough and win.”

Pacers Guard Mike Dunleavy

“It was good to be back on the floor and be competing. It was a good win for us. We must play every game as if it is the last one. We’ve got to continue to work hard night in and night out and have big games from all of our team members. My legs felt good and I felt good overall. I was just glad to be back out there and hopefully help my teammates.”

Pacers Guard Josh McRoberts

(On the bench) Our guys were just trying to bring energy and put a charge in everybody. Jeff is always a big help. He knows what he’s doing. He knows how to hit the glass. He’s just a big help. We are coming together. It takes a little time but I think we are headed in that direction. I try to play within my limits and I know that I am not a big numbers man. My numbers are not always going to be large. Tonight I had a pretty good night. I felt pretty good and it resulted in a good win for us. We just have to build on it.”