Postgame Quotes - March 30, 2012

Pistons at Bulls

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Brandon Knight | Jonas Jerebko
Chicago: Tom Thibodeau | Joakim Noah

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

Q: On their 4th quarter play:
A: “We had it 75-71 but the scored a lot with their offensive boards. I think they had 10 offensive boards in the 4th period. We had some good opportunities in transition, but turned it over. We were playing good defense for 23 seconds against the number 1 offensive team. Then, they would get the offensive rebound and their lead went from 4 to 8. Overall, our guys played hard, we just didn't finish. In the 4th quarter, their defense tightened up and we didn't make some open shots.”

Q: On their 2, 10 point quarters:
A: “Yes, part of it was their defense in the 2nd quarter, but I think that we contributed to that. The ball just wasn't moving. That was our problem in the 2nd period. In the 4th they turned it up a notch and got a lot of offensive rebounding.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Knight

Q: On the last 5 minutes of the game:
A: “It came down to our not being able to score. And a lot of offensive rebounds for them. We just didn't finish on offense down the stretch. We fought hard, but a couple of bad bounces let them finish possessions after we played good defense. I had a lot of opportunities because we played a lot of pick and roll tonight. That gave me a chance to shoot since I had open shots. We didn't get a lot of free throw attempts because we had to take what they gave us with their defenses and that was a lot of open J's, we just didn't make them.”

Pistons Forward Jonas Jerebko

Q: On their 2, 10 point quarters:
A: “We were without 2 of our top scorers tonight, and that means that others have to step up. I didn't do it tonight, so you can put some of it on me. They also had those 10 offensive boards in the 4th quarter. The ball just seemed to be bouncing their way at that point.”

Q: What cause your their low scoring?
A: “It was our ball movement or lack of it. We just needed to move it better and not just dribble. In the 1st quarter we did a good job offensively and that was because we let the ball do the work. When you hold a good team like the Bulls to 83 points, you should be able to win.”

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

On Detroit's defense:
“I thought they played very well. Lately they've been playing very well. I loved our offense in the 1st quarter. But I did not love our defense at all. The rebounding was excellent but the defense was poor. In the 2nd quarter. I thought bench came in and played great defense. In the 3rd quarter offensively I thought we had great ball movement. We had great intentions and the right reads. But we didn't have the right type of passes. That is something we have to clean up.”

The difference in the end was hustle plays?
“The big thing is our rebounding was really good and I thought the guys making the extra pass helped us. We did not make shots. We did not shoot the 3 as well as we normally do. That was a problem. Overall I thought the defense was good and the rebounding was good. The turnovers were too high. That is what really led to our problesm.”

On shutting them down in the stretch:
“Our defense down the stretch was pretty good. They missed some shots they normally make. We picked up our defense after the 1st quarter. Our problems came from our turnovers that put them in the open floor.”

On the decision not to play Richard Hamilton:
“He is real close. I just thought another day would be good. I talked to him before the game I was not quite comfortable with him playing yet. We will see where he is after tomorrow. He is doing great. We've been patient this long I just want to make sure it is the right time for him. His conditioning is great. It is hard to read because a game is totally different. Right now we have minimal contact in practice. That's where it becomes difficult to read how is in term of taking hits. He is going to get hit out there coming off screens. It is part of the game. We are playing it safe. That was more my call than his. I want to see him do more stuff tomorrow and we'll make our decisions after that.”

On the OKC game on Sunday:
“They are really good, it is going to be a great test for us. We have to be ready. We have to take care of the ball and play great defense. They have great length and they are a well balanced team. We are looking forward to it.”

Bulls Forward Joakim Noah

On finishing the game:
“We found a way. It wasn't a pretty game but we found a way to get another win. That's the only thing that matters right now. On to the next one.”

On crashing the boards:
“It's always huge. We feel if we can win the rebouding battle we usually get a pretty good chance of winning the ballgame. Thibs always tells us that. Tonight they were going our way. We kept going, kept fighting. Lu got a big one, and Omer was huge in the paint. We did a good job on the boards.”

Playing down the stretch:
“We were playing for something big. You have to take it game by game, keep improving. Right now, we're in a situation where you're tired, but you can't think like that. You have to keep it game by game. Keep the right mindset. It's hard. Being the number one team in the NBA is tough. OKC is going to be a big game. It's going to be exciting. We want to play against the best. They're a great team and we think we're a great team.”