Postgame Quotes - January 9, 2012

Pistons at Bulls

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Ben Gordon
Chicago Tom Thibodeau | Derrick Rose

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank
(On their play tonight) "I thought our guys came with great focus and fighting spirit tonight. That four-minute run at the end of the first quarter to tie it showed great effort. However in that 4th quarter, we had too many turnovers. I think we had 8, or 8 turnovers and only five shots at one point. Give them credit though. They are a well-coached and talented team."

(On Monroe and Gordon's play): "For the first three quarters, Ben Gordon was unbelievable. He was making so many plays for us. Greg made some good ones, too, but Ben made the reads and the plays for us early, even when he wasn't scoring. We just need to value the basketball more and to take good shots."

Pistons Guard Ben Gordon

(Taking away the positives from the game): "We have to be more consistent throughout, and play all 48 minutes. I guess if we could bottle what we did in the third quarter and spread it out over 48 minutes."

(Trying to guard the three-point line): "They gave us problems like that the first time we played them. It's tough to defend when they cut to the top of the key and start hitting long jumpers."

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau
(About activity on the defensive end): “I liked the way we started the game on both ends. Our ball movement was good. It got us into a rhythm. Carlos played a terrific game and our bench came in and gave us a lift. The Detroit team is tough. They keep competing. They spread it out pretty good and can hurt you off the dribble. Gordon puts a lot of pressure on you.”

(On the speed of the game, pushing the ball): “I would like to see us run more. We had 18 fast break points. Even after made baskets I want to get the ball up the floor quicker.”

(On Carlos Boozer's game): “He was very active. He had good bounce to him. It was a good bounce back game for everybody. They are going to keep coming so we have to be ready to go tomorrow.”

(Trying to keep minutes down for starters?): “To be honest, it was the way that group (subs) were playing. They played well to start the 2nd quarter and their defense was outstanding. When we broke the line-up at the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th, the defense was really good. We went with them a little longer and were able to get some more rest for the starters.”

(On Luol Deng): “His lack of offense is going to happen. The big thing about Luol is when he is not shooting well or scoring, he still helps you in so many ways because of his defense, the way he moves the ball, his hustle and activity. I'm not worried about Luol.”

(On Carlos Boozer and Derrick playing together): “You Carlos and Derrick in pick and roll, they are tough to stop. They put a lot of pressure on people. Tonight I thought they made real good decisions. Derrick has seen just about every type of defense there is. He is doing a great job of running the team. Anytime we can get 2 on the ball, we like that. Whether it is in the post or with Derrick in the pick and roll.”

Bulls Guard Derrick Rose

(On closing out the Pistons tonight): “It's just defense. If every night was like this where we played defense and get out and run, it would be easy. But, it's been hard. We tried to come back from last game, where it was embarrassing to play in a game like that, and just try to keep playing. That's what we did tonight.”

(What made Carlos Boozer so effective tonight?): “Knowing what he was going to do before he got the ball, reading the defense well. If they were playing off of him, shooting the ball. That's something he's been working on and it showed tonight.”

(On the bench): “They played great. They kept the lead, got the lead up some and continued to play defense. Coach always talks about that. Sometimes the first 5 starts sluggish, and they (the bench) get us going. But tonight was a consistent night for both of us.”

(On playing 3 straight games, what is it like?): “It's fun, just to see how it's going to go. We're 1-0 and just trying to keep it going. We know it's going to be hard. We have to get our rest and have to prepare for it.”