Postgame Quotes - February 15, 2012

Pistons at Celtics

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe | Brandon Knight | Ben Gordon
Boston: Doc Rivers | JaJuan Johnson | Paul Pierce

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the key to the victory tonight): “I really thought it was a total team win. There were so many things that went on throughout the game, we got great production from everybody who played in the game. I think defensively, especially in the 2nd half our ability to limit their fastbreak points. You look at what Rondo did in the first half, you look at the points in transition, you look at the points in the paint. Our ability to defend the three point line. They only took six threes. Offensively guys really stepped it up. We had a really good attack. I thought we went stale a little bit bridging those last couple minutes of the first quarter and the first few minutes of the second quarter. But it was a good team effort.”

(On the run to close the first half): “Yeah, it was 43-38 and after the time out our guys closed it well and our guys did a very good job finishing out the quarter.”

(On Rodney Stuckey): “I think he has really played at a real high level the last few games. You look at his minutes, the fact that he played 24 consecutive minutes and he is playing both ends hard. Obviously we had a hard time with Rajon (Rondo) and then I thought BG (Ben Gordon) was very good gave us great lift and then Rodney (Stuckey) not just his ability to guard Ray Allen but also to guard Rondo. That is tough because you have to chase Ray Allen off baseline screens and then you have to chase Rondo off pick and rolls and transition. I thought Rodney was excellent.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On the win): “Just us fighting for 48 minutes, giving maximum effort, definitely getting key stops coming down the stretch, especially our offense. BG (Ben Gordon) hit a lot of big shots, Stuckey (Rodney) made some big plays getting to the rim and Tayashaun (Prince) always hit the big shots late on the clock and with all that put together that was how we were able to pull this one out.”

(On their roster): “We know we have talent, we just have to come out and play hard and execute and play together every night and more wins will come up.”

(On Ben Gordon): “He did a wonderful job defensively and also attacking the rim offensively, hitting open shots, knocking down tough shots also. When all those guys are playing and all those guys have a good game most likely you are going to win.”

(On Tuesday's close loss to San Antonio): “Every night we want to win. Last night we let one get away. We wanted to come out here and beat a good team on the road and this is one of the elite teams in the league so to get a good win and on their home court is definitely a plus for us.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Knight

(On tonight's win): Definitely a big win. We’ve been playing against a lot of good teams, where we’ve come really close to winning. Tonight was one of those nights where we able to fight and pull out a win.”

(On finding their groove): “Yea we are definitely finding a rhythm, definitely coming together, definitely a different team then we were at the beginning of the season and we’re showing that. Just guys are making shots, we’re locking down defensively and getting stops when we need to get stops.”

(On whether he'll keep wearing his mask): “I’m not sure yet. Go back talk to Arnie, but I’m definitely not wearing it forever, but I’m not sure.”

(On why he removed it during the game): “Well one of the straps broke so I wasn’t too comfortable with the second mask they had so I just played without it.”

Pistons Guard Ben Gordon

(On road win): “You know the crowd is always bickering, the fans are always saying whatever they have to say so its extra special on the road, but we’ll take those wins anywhere. On the road there’s a lot more satisfaction.”

(On his playoff history against Boston): “Have some good history here, we didn’t win the series, but it was the most memorable series that I’ve ever played in and a lot of people have watched. So its always good to come here and get a win.”

(On guard line): “I think it gives us an advantage when we are able to get those long rebounds and get out on the break. I thought tonight we did a good job of using it to our advantage and not letting it hurt us defensively and we’re able to convert some of those long boards and get a couple fast break opportunities.”

Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers

(On missing Kevin Garnett): “A little bit. But probably the combination of Kevin and Brandon (Bass.) Having said that, I thought we had our opportunities. Offensively I didn’t like the way we played the whole night. Wasn’t a lot of movement. I’d like (Rajon) Rondo being aggressive but, on the other hand, we didn’t get a lot of ball movement. But this wasn’t lost on offense. Defensively you give up 98 points to a team that is struggling right now scoring. Layup drills, a lot of bad – the stretch where they stretched the lead out, we had our bench in; we made some bone-head plays. We leave Ben Gordon to trap, draw Wilkins, we rotate to Ben Wallace out to the three-point line, we give up an offensive rebound on a free throw. Those three possessions to me changed the game. It went from a two-point game to an eight-point game. And to me, give a team that’s struggling for wins life, they’ll beat you. That’s what happened.”

(On worrying about recent losses): “No, I’m not. I want to play better, clearly. You know, we’re going through a lot of stuff with all the injuries and stuff and so are other teams. And I just think it’s going to be this type of year. I keep saying it: it’s going to be up and down and you know every time it looks like we’re about to take off and play well we do this. And I’m hoping at some point this year it’ll keep doing this and then we’ll take off. But we haven’t done that. There are signs that you can, but we just haven’t followed through on it.”

(On Paul Pierce playing differently): “No, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I’ll find that out. But I won’t disagree with that. You know, listen, some of it – he wasn’t really involved and I think you’ve got to get your scorers involved early. But I don’t know. We’ll figure that out.”

(On Rajon Rondo): “I want Rondo to stay aggressive – more in transition. Half court. That’s when you get the ball to the other guys. Listen, Rondo we want him to stay exactly – we want him to stay aggressive. That’s really important to us. The way to really do that is off the stops. And in the first half that’s how we did it; in the second half we were not getting stops. And I thought that affected how he – how effective he was, as well.”

Celtics Forward JaJuan Johnson

(On Kevin Garnett not playing): “He’s definitely (missed). He brings a lot of energy. Just his presence alone helps this team and of course you miss something like that but we have a lot of good players on this team. We can’t make any excuses.”

(On team’s fourth quarter play): “We had a few breakdowns. I think we put them on the line too much obviously the whole game, not just the fourth. We’ve just got to use this game to learn from it and move on.”

(On lessons he learned from game): “Me personally, just paying attention to detail. I’m still learning the game. A game like this can really help me improve just moving (to) the right place defensively. No saying I didn’t, but just being in the right spot. It’s just a learning experience for myself.”

(On Rajon Rondo’s play): “He’s been playing great the last few games. He’s a good post player down there, so we do make a point to get him the ball down there. He’s going to make the right play (whether) it’s a pass or just scoring. He’s been really aggressive lately and I think that helps the team.”

Celtics Forward Paul Pierce

(On the loss): “It was a disappointing loss to a team I think we should beat. The defense let us down and we couldn’t consistently get stops. (We) consistently let the driving lane open on the inside. The defense wasn’t there tonight.”

(On Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass not playing): “You talk about not having Kevin and he does so much for us defensively. (He) covers up so much. That’s no excuse. We’ve played without a number of guys this year and other guys are capable of stepping up despite the circumstances. We’re not an excuse team. This is a game we should have won.”

(On the ball movement): “We played a lot of bump and roll. (Rajon) Rondo got the hot hand and took the shots that were there when they sagged off of him. When the shots were there he took them. We went to him in the post a lot and it caused a lot of isolation. That was the game plan.”