Postgame Quotes - January 26, 2011

Pistons vs. Nuggets

Detroit: John Kuester | Will Bynum
Denver: Chauncey Billups | J.R. Smith

Pistons Head Coach John Kuester
(On game) “They have a lot of scoring power. I thought we took care of the ball throughout the game. I have to give them credit, they made some big shots especially when we made it tight but I thought our guys worked hard. I thought Will Bynum had a great spurt in that fourth period and Ben Wallace with his 10 rebounds and I thought Greg Monroe had a solid game also. T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) did some good things. Fourteen and eight assists, he did some good things and I felt that we didn’t get him going in that fourth period. I wish I’d done a few other things more.”

(On Stuckey’s injury) “It’s a shoulder contusion and we’ll find out more about in the next 24 hours.”

(On Chauncey Billups’ big shots) “We made the adjustment at timeout to put T-Mac on him and because of the made field goal we didn’t make the switch. Chauncey was directing everything and he did a great job.”

(On fourth quarter play) “We’ve been very blessed as of late finding a new person to get us involved in the game. Will (Bynum) was really engaged in what we were doing and was doing a great job. He was creating the offense by himself. We tried to ride him as much as possible. He got tired at the end and that’s where you get the defensive assignment. Your concentration had a little slippage and that’s where the difference between a team like Chauncey Billups running it and all of a sudden we got some guys trying to figure it out.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On effort) “Yea, I mean I thought we played well, we could've defended a whole lot better throughout the course of the game, but they made their runs at the end. Chauncey (Billups) made some big shots.”

(On stepping up in the fourth quarter) “I was just trying to make things happen, be a little more aggressive. Once they got to falling, I was just out there trying to make plays.”

(On Chauncey Billups) “Those were some tough shots, some tough shots. Not much you can say, Chauncey (Billups) is one of the top guards in the NBA. He pretty much kind of took over down the stretch.”

Nuggets Guard Chauncey Billups
(On the ovation from Detroit Fans) “It's the best, man. I still say that Detroit has the best fan's ever. They still show me so much love all the time. I just love it. I love coming back and seeing the appreciation for the years, blood and sweat that I put in.”

(On his play in the fourth quarter) “They were playing Melo (Carmelo Anthony) really hard, doubling him, we knew someone was going to be open. We knew that someone else had to make plays in case they zoned in on Melo. Those are the kinds of opportunities that I love.”

(On the team's play in the fourth quarter) “I always feel like the fourth quarter is a different game. That's the time that you're going to win or lose the game. I'm always confident about the situation, even though it might not always go down the way it should. Those are the shots that I can make.”

(On playing in Detroit) “It's fun. I'm home. It's fun. They were showing me a lot of love and I'm just trying to let the people know what they miss.”

Nuggets Forward/Guard J.R. Smith

(On the win) “It was big for us and it got us established on the road and we haven’t really been winning a lot on the road this year or last year. This one hopefully gives us a chance to gain some confidence and go with it.”

(On Chauncey stepping up at end) “When Chauncey gets going he is tough to stop and I’m sure he had some sort of vibe here as well playing at basically his second home. He was telling us on the bench that it was like when you go home to that park and you can shoot with your eyes closed because you know where everything is. It was great for him.”

(On playing good defense down the stretch) “Down the stretch we were figuring it out. We contested a lot of their shots late, forced turnovers and got rebounds. We did a great job down the stretch.”

(On snapping their losing streak at the Palace) “That was big for us tonight as that was our first win here in over 15 years. Hopefully we can get some more of those in the future.”