Postgame Quotes - April 15, 2012

Pistons vs Bulls

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Ben Gordon
Chicago: Tom Thibodeau | Derrick Rose | Joakim Noah

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On playing against the number one team and putting up a fight): “We did everything we needed to do to win the game, other than winning the game. Our guys showed great grit and fight. We made a ton of winning plays. We did make mistakes, but we fought our tails off. We came in wanting and expecting a win, I mean we have great respect for Chicago, but like I said we made a ton of winning plays and did everything but win the game, but that is the finishing act.”

(On the plan they made during the huddle before Derrick Rose made the tying basket): “We always talk about it (in the huddle) because of the change in possession, but on the free-throw line, nine seconds or less (we want to foul) and he shot it at the eight. The problem was we were not up with the drag screens. So we went small intentionally so one through four would be switching opportunities. (Joakim) Noah set a drag for Rose and they ran (Kyle) Korver off a baseline stagger and we were back, so we were not even in a position to foul. But yes, nine seconds or less we wanted to foul Rose. BG (Ben Gordon) went up over the screen, but we were just too far back and he hit the three.”

Pistons Guard Ben Gordon

(On Derrick Rose’s three): “He hit a big shot; Joakim (Noah) set a hell of a screen in transition. At that point the right play for us to make try to run him off of a three, but he had already got into a head of steam and got into his shot, so it was too late by then.”

(On not fouling): “It was off of a missed free throw and he had a head of steam. That’s what we would have liked to do, but he got into his shot quicker than we were able to react.”

(On giving up offensive rebounds): “Those are always going to hurt. Anytime you give a team a second or third opportunity to score or a possession, after you play pretty good defense that really hurts you.”

(On tonight’s game): “All the games are like that when they come down to the stretch and you lose. Moral victories are great, but they don’t put a W in the win column. It’s disappointing, but I’m happy with the way we competed.”

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

(On game) - "We struggled most of the game and in the end, just found a way to win it. Joakim (Noah) was unbelievable with his offensive rebounding; Derrick, (Rose) huge shot. We were a step behind on everything but I thought the defense was pretty good. The rebounding was outstanding. Offensively we weren't as sharp as we would like to be."

(On Derrick Rose) - "Very explosive today. I thought he (Rose) was terrific. He still has some bobbles but I thought his pick and roll offense was unbelievable. Changing directions was great and I thought he was getting to the rim. He didn't get the calls but he's getting hit so he's got to keep going."

(On staying focused) - "We know we have to continue to improve. We want to be playing well down the stretch and we want to be healthy. We have a number of guys who have been out for a good chunk of the season so trying to get those guys in rhythm is a priority but more importantly having our team play well is something we want to get done."

Bulls Guard Derrick Rose

(On game) - "Basically, they were a good team and were still trying to get the win. They played hard. We had the game. We were up by 12 in the fourth; we let the game slip and fought our way back."

(On coming off a injury) - "Its coming along. I still have to get used to the tape but driving, I think, is coming along and shooting and my rhythm of the game is coming along."

(On being explosive) - "Just working on my game all day in the gym, just shooting shots, driving, doing drills, just trying to get the feel for the basket."

Bulls Guard Joakim Noah

(On the game)"Derrick (Rose) hit a huge shot at the end of the game and gave us life. It was big win for us and I think that in overtime we felt like it was our game."

(On team playing hard)- "I feel like it was a good win for us but we didn't play great overall. We turned the ball over a lot but overall, I feel like we'll take any win at this point of the year."

(On rebounding)- "I just felt like the ball was moving so it was easier to get offensive rebounds and I just kept crashing."