Postgame Quotes - February 19, 2012

Pistons vs Celtics

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Rodney Stuckey | Greg Monroe
Boston: Doc Rivers | Paul Pierce

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the team’s improvement defensively) “Yes, I thought the second unit changed the game in the second quarter. The first timeout in the second quarter was a 7-1 run, it certainly set a defensive tone in the second quarter and we were able to maintain it. Obviously, we were able to force turnovers that led to easy baskets and free throw attempts. So, you look at the points off of turnovers and our ability to get to the line, I believe it was 46 times. The second-chance points, our big guys working the glass; I thought there were effort plays that our guys made to win that game.”

(On the Pistons being the aggressors tonight) “I think without a doubt, and look lets be fair to them they are without Kevin Garnett, who is a huge part of their group. I thought our guys were trading punches the first quarter and then starting with that second quarter, I really was happy with our guys. Their intensity, the ability through defense, (being) able to create easy offensive opportunities, the deflections to active hands and the extra passes that were made. Then in the third quarter, Boston hit first. We staggered a little bit but never settled down; (we) got back up and were able to stay with it.”

(On how the Pistons defense and free throws) – “I think, you know what happens, what disrupts offensive rhythm is missed free throws. So what happens is you get to the line 46 times and I believe we made 29 of them, so then what happens is it becomes a little choppy. (But) I think the credit to our guys is that they didn’t get discouraged, because, hey, the more you go the more chances you’ve got to make them. I was proud of our guys intent and at the same time Boston is one of the top defensive teams in the league so nothing is going to be easy and it is always going to be a struggle playing against them.”

Pistons Guard Rodney Stuckey

(On defense): “It’s pretty much how we won the ball game. Defensively getting after them; our big guys did a phenomenal job of rebounding the basketball, we got out on the break, pushing the ball, and getting to the free throw-line really helped us. We didn’t shoot the ball well tonight, but just getting to the free-throw line and our defense really helped us tonight.”

(On Kevin Garnett not playing): “We didn’t know. Our coaches don’t come back and tell us those things. We prepare ourselves as if K.G. (Kevin Garnett) was playing, so we just went out there and didn’t see him, so we knew he wasn’t playing. But tonight, our defense was pretty solid and that’s how we won the game.”

(On getting to the free throw line): “We missed a lot of free throws; luckily it didn’t hurt us tonight. Just getting out on the break, attacking, getting into the bonus early really helped us and that’s what we need to continue to do; keep attacking the basket and getting out on the break. It’s really helping us right now.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On Jason Maxiell’s impact on starting line up): “Max (Jason Maxiell) into the line up did set up the rotation really well and, also, we got healthy. Ben Gordon got healthy, Will Bynum got healthy and those guys have been giving us big minutes, especially Ben Gordon. Max definitely has done a good job.”

(On winning different ways): “I think our intensity and focus over the full 48 minutes has changed. Everybody has come into their roles, everybody is holding themselves accountable and we’re all playing together.”

(On aggressiveness): “We were definitely very aggressive tonight. We got a lot of second-chance points, we got a lot of free throws and we have to make more of those, especially myself, personally. But we were definitely aggressive tonight.”

Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers

(On first half) "They played hard and our guys just turned the ball over. I told them, at the end of the first quarter, we were shooting 65 percent and the score was tied and they were shooting 38 percent. At halftime we were shooting 50 percent and they were shooting 38 percent and they were up 13. That's hard to figure when you just think about the shooting numbers and you can say well your defense was great and say yeah but we're turning the ball over and we gave up offensive rebounds and we fouled every possession. I think they had 19 more free throws at halftime than us, plus 12 more field goal attempts. The fact that we were down 13 was just close to a miracle."

(On second half): "We made one energy run to start the third, got it to five, had another couple horrendous turnovers; had one taking the ball out of bounds where the wrong guy is taking it out and no one came to the ball. At the end of the day, I have to do better job with this group. I do think that's difficult offensively and you know that going in when you got the two bigs that are really not shooters, more energy players and so they are going to trap Paul (Pierce) and Ray (Allen) on anything and even when (Rajon) Rondo has the ball they're going to trap off of him. So that's three guys that they're using defensively to sack to the paint."

Celtics Forward Paul Pierce

(On loss) "We just pretty much gave them everything they wanted tonight. I mean, they were able to run the ball on the break, offensive rebounds on top of that, and we turned the ball over far too many times. We played solid defense and then we give up offensive rebounds and then we come down on offense and turn it over. It's very tough to win in that circumstance."

(On team): "It's too many times we're looking at officials to bail us out. We just got to understand we can't expect anything from referees. We're on the road. They're not going to always make the call that you want. We just got to continue to play through. We can't be a fragile team and get frustrated with the calls that they make. Some way, some how, we have to be mentally tougher than that."

(On his frustration): "It's very hard. Nobody likes to lose but at the same time nobody likes to lose when you don't feel like you're competing."