Detroit Pistons 72, Indiana Pacers 67

Monday, May 24, 2004 at Conseco Fieldhouse

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May 24, 2004
Conseco Fieldhouse
Pistons 72, Pacers 67
Points: (DET) R. Hamilton, 23
(IND) R. Miller, 21
Rebounds: (DET) 3 tied, 8
(IND) J. Foster, 9
Assists: (DET) C. Billups, 6
(IND) A. Johnson, 4
Blocks: (DET) R. Wallace, 5
(IND) 2 tied, 2
Steals: (DET) C. Billups, 5
(IND) J. Foster, 2
Turnovers: (DET) C. Billups, 5
(IND) 2 tied, 4
Biggest Lead: (DET) 6
(IND) 9
Fast Break: (DET) 11
(IND) 7
Tayshaun Prince
  • Points: 5
  • Rebounds: 5
  • Blocked Shots: 4*
  • * Including final block on Reggie Miller to prevent Indiana from tying the game.
  • Minutes: 36
  • Prince's Season Statistics
    Pistons Head Coach Larry Brown

    “I thought our interior defense was unbelievable in the second half. Especially Ben Wallace. I don’t think he could have played any better. We were up against an all-star in Jermaine O’Neal and our interior defense against him was great."

    On Prince’s block of Reggie Miller:
    "Tayshaun’s play really bailed us out and Rip made a heads up play to be there for the rebound. We got real sloppy at the end."

    On Detroit’s bench play:
    "Our bench really gave us a lift. At half time I told the team we shot poorly, missed free throws, and were in foul trouble with Ben. Thankfully it worked out. We have to thank our bench for that.”

    Pistons Forward/Center Ben Wallace

    On Rasheed Wallace’s prediction:
    "You guys in the media always make a bigger deal out of the things that we do or say than we do as a team. Rasheed just felt like we let the last game slip away from us, especially down the stretch. He felt like we did, that it was a game for us to take."

    On tonight's game:
    "We felt like the last game we let them get to the basket too easy. Tonight we decided that we were not going to let them walk in and get a lot of lay-ups. We wanted to force them to shot contested jump shots. We wanted to make them shots over the top of us. Sometimes that’s just the way the ball bounces."

    On Prince’s block of Reggie Miller:
    "Tayshaun has been doing big things like that for us all season. People say that he’s struggling or whatever with his offense but he’s still been coming up big for us on defense. Reggie probably thought that he had an easy one but when I saw Tayshaun running after him I knew he could get there, I was just hoping that he would get it before it was on it’s downward flight.”

    Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

    On the block of Reggie Miller:
    "I knew I had all ball and I feel a majority of the time I get a good block and I knew I had all ball and there was no foul. I just jumped away from him and extended my arm but after I saw him slow down I knew I could get to him on into the crowd. I kind of hurt my forearm as I went down but I was looking back and saw that the ball was saved inbounds.”

    Pistons Guard Richard Hamilton

    On Prince’s block of Reggie Miller:
    “You know the crazy thing about it is if you have watched a lot of our games this year Tayshaun gets one of those about every four or five games. I knew when Reggie was running down the court that he was going to catch up to him and I was thinking to myself, Reggie better dunk it because ‘T’ is going to get it.”

    On his match-up with guarding Reggie Miller:
    “It’s crazy. At one point I told the ref that I’ve got three fouls and Reggie has none but yet we were doing the same thing to each other. I’m grabbing, he’s grabbing. It’s going to have to even out sometime. But I’m running around on offense just like Reggie’s running around like when they’re on offense so yeah it does feel strange.”

    Pacers Head Coach Rick Carlisle

    “It was certainly though out there. Early fouls prohibited us from getting going offensively. Our shot making was stagnant at time, more than stagnant at times yet we hung in the game and gave ourselves a chance. We are in a tough spot now going into Detroit. We have not shot the ball well. We’ll stick together, show up, and get a game back in their place."

    On poor shooting:
    "We had a bad shooting night, but we are playing a good defensive team. I have to do a better job getting guys better shots. We all own it (some of the blame for the loss). Detroit is a different kind of animal, they have more length and depth them Miami. They blocked 19 shots which shows they are a team which makes it tough to get looks. Detroit was more aggressive tonight denying the ball. It made it tough on our offense. They are that good defensively. We have to get better offensively. We have to get better defensively. It’s about getting better at both ends of the court.”

    Pacers Center Jermaine O'Neal

    On the Pacers offensive struggle:
    "It wasn’t an offensive struggle when you shot the ball you have a 50 percent chance of it going in and a 50 percent chance of missing. We have the shooters and we know that our shots will begin to fall. You can’t beat a team shooting 27.5 percent with only eight assists. We tip our hats on the defensive play that Tayshaun made on Reggie at the end."

    Response to Ron Artest’s shooting:
    "We win as a team and we lose as a team. We’ll see you guys in Detroit.”

    Pacers Guard Reggie Miller

    On the blocked shot:
    "We got the steal and I thought I got the ball on the glass. I haven’t seen a replay yet but he made a good block. I saw him coming in my rearview mirror and I should have dunked the ball but I didn’t and he didn’t foul."

    On Detroit’s defense:
    "They were much more aggressive tonight. They had 19 blocks and the two Wallace’s controlled the lane. We didn’t move the ball in the second half. With only eight assists, that shows that when their defense collapsed we didn’t make the extra pass."

    On the remainder of the games scoring in the 70’s:
    "They could be. Detroit hung around in both games here and I hope we do the same there. We have players that can make plays down the stretch when it’s close.”

    Pacers Forward Jonathan Bender

    "We shot very poorly as you can tell by 27.5 percent. You can’t win many ball games like that. We know we are a good basketball team and all teams have bad games. We also know that we have two All-Stars that we must support and help along the way. We must really get tough and dig in get ready to go to Detroit. We all know it will be a very, very difficult game. They played well here so you can imagine what it will be like in front of a packed house up there. We must defend better and have much better offense to give ourselves a chance to win.”