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Pistons.com editor Keith Langlois answers your questions about the Pistons and NBA. Click here to submit your questions - please include your name, email address and city/state on the form. Return to the Mailbag homepage.

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Dominic (Manila, Philippines): If the Pistons had the top overall pick, which player would you prefer: Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond?

Langlois: Easy call there, Dominic. Davis is the slam-dunk No. 1 pick, no matter who wins the lottery. Drummond has a world of potential, but I don’t think you’d find many NBA scouts who’d be surprised if he doesn’t become a great player – or even an above-average player.

John (Tecumseh, Mich.): With the Lakers coming to town, what would you think about sending Prince and Bynum to the Lakers for Matt Barnes, Josh McRoberts and part of the Odom trade exception? Joe D likes Barnes, it gives the Pistons cap room and opens up room for Charlie V and Daye to build trade value at small forward. It gives the Lakers an upgrade at small forward and point guard depth and allows them a shot at a deep playoff run without paying that much in luxury tax.

Langlois: Not sure how the trade exception applies to multiplayer simultaneous trades under the new CBA, John, but if your proposal would pass muster it would be something both sides would study, at least. The question for the Lakers is how much they are willing to add to their tax bill. Reports last week said they turned down a deal that would have given them Michael Beasley for their No. 1 pick because they didn’t want the tax consequences. Prince would be a nice addition to that lineup and make the Lakers even longer in their frontcourt. The question for the Pistons would be are they willing to relinquish Prince for that yield? They could have let him leave as a free agent if it was cap relief they were after. Unless they were to view Barnes or McRoberts as long-term pieces here, there might not be quite enough appeal in this deal from the Pistons’ perspective.

Frank (Canton, Mich.): The Lakers and Jazz have multiple draft picks, trade exceptions and a need at small forward. Prince and Bynum for the Odom trade exception, Ebanks and Dallas’ 2012 No. 1 pick or Prince, Bynum and Wilkins to Utah for the Okur trade exception and Utah’s 2012 No. 1 pick. What do you think?

Langlois: Is there any player that would convince the Lakers the tax bill is worth absorbing? We don’t know that. But, yeah, in theory Prince really improves the Lakers. I don’t know that Utah is looking for a veteran to slot in ahead of 2010 lottery pick Gordon Hayward.

Kaye (Detroit): What happened to Bill Davidson’s name that was engraved in the hardwood floor at The Palace?

Langlois: Tom Gores on opening night was asked that question and said that after careful consideration, they came up with a way they felt properly honored and remembered the late Pistons owner. Up in The Palace rafters now, hanging above the team’s retired uniform numbers, a very long horizontal banner is emblazoned with Mr. D’s signature and includes the years of his ownership of the franchise. It was well-received when unveiled after the first quarter of that night’s game and is striking when you see it in person.

Jon (Lansing, Mich.): I know you’ve said the Pistons could use a dominating big man who plays aggressive defense and hits 3-pointers occasionally to complement Monroe. As a Spartan fan, that sounds like Draymond Green. I’m not sure where he’s predicted to go, but how well do you think he would fit with the Pistons?

Langlois: We’ve had a few Green questions over recent weeks, Jon. I’ve written that there is no consensus on Green and that NBA scouts are having a difficult time getting a handle on Green. He’s probably about 6-foot-5 and, though versatile, doesn’t really project ideally to any NBA position. Yet NBA people are well aware of his smarts and reputation as a terrific teammate. My guess is that he’ll go higher than a consensus of opinion will reflect because somebody’s going to draft him on the belief that he’ll find a way to help.

@JG_Hollywood (Johnny, Sterling Heights, Mich.): What are the chances of the Pistons getting Robin Lopez in the off-season?

Langlois: He’ll be a restricted free agent, Johnny. We all know there isn’t much likelihood of a coveted player changing teams in restricted free agency, which begs the question: Is Lopez coveted? Phoenix isn’t using him much this season, buried behind Marcin Gortat, Channing Frye, rookie Markieff Morris and Hakim Warrick. But he’s still young, 7 feet and a pretty good athlete. It wouldn’t be a stunner if he gets an offer sheet and Phoenix decides not to match. The Pistons would be a logical suitor, though the draft will come before free agency and the priority list could change based on draft results. My hunch is he’s a little undervalued right now.

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