In honor of the Pistons 100th consecutive sellout, Dave Howell - trusty assistant to's own Blog Man, Dave Wieme - has compiled a list of the top 100 Pistons Players of all time.

First will count down the top 100-51. Stay tuned for DaveX2's top 50 Detroit Pistons players of all time.

100. Micheal Williams – Always messes people up with spelling of first name. Deserves a spot on the list.
99. Donnis Butcher – A player and a coach for the Pistons. Some good years in the mid-60’s.
98. Orlando Woolridge – Big O, had no D…but could score in bunches. Great arms, intimidating.
97. Brook Steppe – All-name team
96. Justus Thigpen – Ditto from #97
95. David Thirdkill – Second Team All-Name


94. Mike James – Because if you are a fan of Dave Chappelle, you know what comes next.
93. Bubbles Hawkins – Ditto from #96
92. Litterial Green – Ditto from #93.
91. Smush Parker – Ditto from #92.
90. Ivano Newbill – Ditto from #91.
89. McCoy McLemore – Another all-name selection. How many Mc’s can you put in one name.
88. Korleone Young – On the list for his name…Korleone? As in Vito?
87. George Trapp – Another tragic story after basketball. Highland Park High School star.


86. Zeljko Rebraca – First real foreigner drafted by team. Blonde hair and body size made him unique. Crazy ticker.
85. Ben Poquette – Central Michigan product. That’s about it.
84. Olden Polynice – OP had some crazy hand signals. Could play when he wanted to and averaged 9.4 ppg and 9.1 rpg in two years.
83. Chuck Nevitt – Tallest player in Pistons history at 7’5”. Had tallest wife on the team at 6’5”.
82. Scott Hastings – Funniest guy to ever wear jersey. Member of 1990 championship team.
81. Fennis Dembo – On the list for great name. One year, one ring, done.


80. Paul Mokeski – Big Mo just looked uncomfortable running up and down the court…but he was big.
79. Darko Milicic
78. Bison Dele – Brian Williams early, Bison Dele late. Tragically lost.
77. Edgar Jones – EJ had a great “pharaoh-like” beard. Distracted from big space between his front teeth. Jumped and almost hit head on the rim.
76. Earl Cureton – Earl the Twirl. Great hops, bad j.
75. M.L. Carr – Known for waving towel with Boston, but averaged 14.8 ppg during three-year Pistons career.
74. Jon Barry – Bad hair, bad goatee, great jump shot. Fan favorite whose uniform was always dirty from diving on the floor.


73. Marvin Barnes – “Bad News” kept the PR guys hopping with his adventures and mouth.
72. Mark Macon – Shakin’ Bakin’ Mark Macon. Local high school product from Flint.
71. Walker Russell – “Walker D” had a following from Western Michigan.
70. Ricky Pierce
69. Howard Porter
68. Ron Lee – Known for throwing his body around and looking like he came from the set of The White Shadow.
67. Phil Hubbard – From Michigan, a local fan favorite.
66. Fred Zollner – A great owner with enough sense to move his team to Detroit…even it was just to be closer to suppliers.


65. Darvin Ham
64. Al Eberhard
63. Theo Ratliff
62. Jimmy Walker – Not JJ…this Jimmy Walker averaged 16.1 ppg.
61. Tom Van Arsdale
60. Rod Thorn – Later would fine Pistons more than his salary over tenure of time with the team.
59. Ray Scott – A player and a coach of the Pistons.
58. Curtis Rowe
57. Kevin Porter – KP holds Pistons record with 25 assists in a single game. Did it twice…like Isiah.
56. Cliff Levingston – Jumped out of the gym in rookie season. Nice “transition” player to championships.


55. Don Ohl
54. Rick Carlisle – Two 50 win seasons. Out for Hall of Famer.
53. Antonio McDyess
52. Flip Saunders – Earned spot based on 2005-06 start at 24-3.
51. Cliff Robinson – Uncle Cliffy. Weird because he was on 1990 Portland team the Piston beat for championship.

To be continued...