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Carson City Crystal High School
Carson City Crystal High School
Carson City-Crystal’s High School students have been chosen as this week’s Come Together Game Changer Grant Challenge recipient for their Outdoor Classroom and Nature Center service project. Carson City-Crystal's High school is building an Outdoor Classroom and Nature Center. It can be used by all classes for learning outside of the classroom. The path will be 200 yards long and 5 feet wide; it will have playground chips to make the path. There will be edging around the chips and landscape fabric underneath so that weeds are not able to grow. It will also include an area that has six benches for the teachers to instruct their students. The path will incorporate a bridge because of a region that is swampy. The beginning of the trail will have a customized, vinyl sign that says “CC-C Outdoor Classroom and Nature Center.” The Outdoor Classroom offers hands-on learning in a real world setting; by providing a different learning environment, students with diverse learning styles are given an opportunity in which they can excel.

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