Summer School: KCP, Part II

As his busy summer winds down, Pistons No. 1 pick eager for first training camp

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
It’s been a busy summer – really busy, but good. It’s been a lot of fun since I got drafted by the Pistons about three months ago. The focus lately has been just on getting into the gym here every morning, working hard in the gym, and getting my apartment ready. I still have stuff coming to get my place really ready to be my home, but I’m getting all of that together and getting in shape for training camp and getting ready my rookie season.

My apartment is a nice little place. Me and Tony Mitchell are living in the same building – he’s one floor above me – and Andre is close by, too, so it’s pretty good to have teammates there I can hang out with. That’s really good. We’re helping each other out and I’m learning how to get around. Right now I can get to certain places without using GPS – it’s getting better.

Like I said earlier this summer, I wanted to spend lots and lots of time working on my shot and getting my handle a little bit tighter. I’ve made progress. My handle is a little bit better and my shot’s getting a little more consistent. The work doesn’t stop when we get into the season, though. I’m going to continue to work on those things before and after practices and whenever I can.

I’ve had a lot more time with Arnie Kander over the past month or so, too. He knows what he’s talking about with our bodies, the weights we’re lifting. He just wants us to gain movement with what we do in the weight room and it’s really helping. I can feel the difference. I feel like I’m getting stronger, just getting a little bit better every day.

It’s exciting that we’re getting close to the season. Brandon Jennings has been here working with us, Josh Smith has been in, Greg is back. I’ve been talking to Greg since Summer League, as well as Andre and Kyle and my other rookies, Tony and Peyton. We all get along well. I’m getting to know everybody and they’re getting to know me.

I’ve felt like a part of the organization since when I got drafted. They really all welcomed me and made me feel like I was a Detroit Piston that day. They welcomed me here. It was great to come to this organization. I feel like I came to a great team, a great organization, with great people.

I’ve worked with the coaching staff and they’re great, too. We really haven’t talked about things like what they expect from me this season. They just keep telling me to work and work a little bit harder and to keep getting better every single day. They’re getting me ready to go for training camp.

I really don’t know what to expect in training camp. It’s my first one, but I’m ready – at least I think I’m ready – and I’m excited. I’m excited to be a part of the Pistons and I’m looking forward to getting going next week. I know the guys who’ve been here are really excited and believe we’re going to have a really good season.