Social Media Night

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011 the Detroit Pistons invited local Detroit bloggers to cover their game against the Charlotte Bobcats. Selected bloggers got to meet Jonas Jerebko before the game and interview Charlie Villanueva afterward. Read below for excerpts of their experience and links to more coverage.


Natalie Sitto covered the Pistons' Social Media Night in her unique "SWEDEtastic" fashion. Since she was first to arrive, she tweeted about the arrival of Pistons fans to the Jonas Jerebko meet and greet. Natalie gave Jonas his own Need4Swede t-shirt and even offered to rename her site in his honor.

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Graham Simmington and Dan Feldman posted considerable coverage on the social aspect of the evening, as well as game coverage, with video interviews and anecdotes. They also put together a special video remix of the evening's activities which you can watch below.

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Steve Kays and Echo posted a podcast recap of Social Media night, where they discuss their favorite parts of the event, along with a huge photo gallery and videos of Charlie Villanueva's post game Q&A session and Jonas Jerebko's meet and greet.

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The Woodward Spine

Jeffrey Buck and Mike Fossano provided a running commentary on the game as well as some great in-arena photos. They captured some video interviews like this one with Jonas Jerebko:

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I Want To Be An Owner

Alana Glass - a former college basketball player at the University of Minnesota who recently suffered the exact same injury Jonas Jerebko did to start the season - interviews the Pistons forward in this video clip:

Alana also jumped in right away with questions for Charlie Villanueva during his post game interview session:

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Finally,'s own Heather Zara recaps Social Media Night in this video: