Postcard from Andre: Day Three in Spain

Andre Drummond participating in a basketball tournament in Grenada, Spain.
NBAE/Getty Images

Hello, Pistons fans. We just finished our last day of the 3X tournament in Granada, Spain and we had a whole lot of fun here. I got a chance to play knockout again and came in second – so I still lost.

But I won at 1-3-5, a shooting game. I had a partner for that one, a young kid from Spain named Matt.

Before the tournament today, I got a chance to tour Alhambra with my mom. That place was amazing. We were there for about an hour and a half and we ran out of time and didn’t get to the whole thing, either, or it would have been even longer. It’s the king’s palace and the landscaping on the grounds was beautiful. There were a lot of Catholic churches there, as well.

I come back to Detroit in the morning and I will meet our new coach, Stan Van Gundy, on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to that. I’m very excited to meet him and see what he’s talking about and what he has planned for this season.

I’m then going to go out to Los Angeles to train for about a month. I will train with my old UConn teammate, Shabazz Napier. We have the same agent, Rob Pelinka. Some of the other players who’ll be there are Dante Exum and Wesley Johnson.

It was great to visit Spain. I met some people here I plan to keep in touch with. There were some people who came from the NBA offices in London who were great to me.

I had never been to Spain before, but now that I’ve been here it’s definitely a place I would love to visit again. If I’m lucky enough to make the United States national team that plays in the World Cup later this summer, our group play will be in Bilbao, in the northern part of the country. Granada is in the south, so I would love to come back and do some more sightseeing and see what it’s like up there if I do make the team.

I had a great trip and was happy to share it with you. Thanks for reading!