London, England, Jan. 18, 2013


Back home from London, and the good news is that the flu shot that I never had time to get this year? Yeah, well, there’s no need to worry about it any longer. I’ve got the flu! So at least I’ll have that as a memento from our journey.

Technology failed me spectacularly while we were away, the sun is a feint rumor to Englanders, I am completely knackered, as my good mates in London would say, and – oh, yeah – the Pistons lost to the Knicks. You probably know that by now, but I’m not sure anyone in London who wasn’t in the O2 for Thursday’s game does.

My new favorite newspaper, the Daily Mail (“Horse Meat in Vesco Burgers”) had scant mention of the game in Friday’s edition. On page 72, buried behind seven pages of sports coverage on the Australian Open, cricket, golf and, of course, football – no, not that football – there was a picture of Will Bynum driving to the basket captioned thusly: “Capital gains: the NBA came to London last night, with the New York Knicks in action against the Detroit Pistons (in white) at the O2 Arena.”

And that was it. No story. No snappy quotes. No columnist giving his or her impression of the spectacle that picked up its business operations and dropped them down in what the Brits consider the very center – oops, centre – of the universe. Not even a clue who WON THE GAME!

So, back on Michigan soil, it’s like it never happened – which, for most Londoners, it probably didn’t. At least I’ve got one more thing crossed off my to-do list. The trip to London? Nope. The flu shot.