London, England, Jan. 15, 2013


Now I know why Paul McCartney wrote a song called “The Long and Winding Road.” It’s because that’s the only kind they have in London. Nothing wrong with England that a good freeway wouldn’t fix. The Pistons are here, but the bus ride from the airport to the hotel seemed to take as long as the flight across the Atlantic.

The good news: We no longer have any need to take one of those iconic double-decker bus tours of London, because we saw just about everything that needs seeing along our journey: Harrod’s, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye – the ferris wheel along the Thames seen in every aerial shot of the city.

The first restaurant I saw after leaving Heathrow: Burger King. Also saw a McDonald’s. I wonder if they have a Pound Menu here?

A few of us got some shut-eye on the Boeing 767 that ferried us here, but not much and not quality sleep. But it’s noon. Can’t sleep now. We’ll be off to practice in a few hours. Lawrence Frank wants players to get their body clocks on London time and limber up legs cramped from seven hours in an airplane and another 90 minutes on a bus. My fingers feel a little thick on the keyboard, but it’s the middle of the season – you’ve got to play hurt, right?

I’ll write again tomorrow.