MetroPCS Pistons Draft Special

Premieres June 20 at Midnight on Channel 4 WDIV

Catch the premiere of the 'MetroPCS Pistons Draft Special' on June 19 at midnight on Channel 4 WDIV.
Have you consumed all the 2010 NBA Draft content on and looking for more?

It’s time to tune in.

“The MetroPCS Pistons Draft Special” will air on Channel 4 WDIV on Sun., June 20, at midnight. The special will re-air on Fox Sports Detroit three more times (6/21 at 7 p.m., 6/23 at 4 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.) before the draft takes place Thurs., June 24.

Pistons sideline reporter Eli Zaret hosts the one-hour show, which he says will give viewers a sense of the “unpredictability and excitement that comes with draft night.”

“You’re going to realize how great players come from all parts of the draft, and how it’s a wonderfully unpredictable enterprise,” he says. “Of the three guys the Pistons drafted last year, who thought Jonas Jerebko would be one of the best stories in the entire NBA?"

Zaret delves into that aspect of the draft with his segment, “Anatomy of a Pick,” which dissects how the Pistons came to draft Jerebko at No. 39 last June. The Pistons front office relied heavily on Jerebko’s off-the-charts private workout, having not seen him play much overseas.

“You find out the importance of visits that players make, the one-on-one stuff with trainers and front office personnel,” Zaret said. “That’s when they find out what you’re really like and how you respond to things and enable them to roll the dice with you.”

The special also examines the Pistons’ draft-day wish list, the possible scenarios for the Pistons to move up from their current No. 7 draft slot, and the players who could be available if they stay put.

“You’ll get to see and hear all the potential guys that could emerge at No. 7,” Zaret said, “so by the time he’s drafted, you’ll feel like you already know him a little bit.”

Pistons fans are already familiar with two former No. 7 picks: Rip Hamilton and Charlie Villanueva. The MetroPCS Pistons Draft Special will take a look back at a number of impact players taken seventh overall, as well as a countdown of the top 10 draft nights in Pistons history.

Zaret also has a one-on-one interview with Joe Dumars, Pistons president of basketball operations.

“He talked about using this draft as part of recapturing some of the Piston toughness and blue-collar identity that had been kind of lost,” Zaret said. “Joe’s willing to admit we strayed a little bit and are evermore determined to get back to what Pistons basketball is all about.”