Floor Seats

Feel, Hear & Witness the IntensityPlacing you and your guests within earshot of NBA players and coaches, Floor Seats offer an experience unlike any other in sports.

In addition to a seat on the hallowed ground of the NBA hardwood, Floor Seats also afford guests exclusive access to the all-inclusive premium buffet of the Capital One Club. Completely renovated with a new fire pit, upgraded seating, and high-end food The Times-Picayune's Brett Anderson called "Revolutionary", the Capital One Club is one of the Smoothie King Center's best places to be - and one of the best places to be seen.

Select Floor Seat holders will also have access to the unique vantage point of the newly founded Chairman's Club. This exclusive dining and gathering area is situated across from the Pelicans locker room allowing you and your guests to go behind-the-scenes like never before.

A VIP entrance offering early access to the Smoothie King Center, in-seat wait service, and the ability to purchase pre-sale tickets to concerts and events, makes a Floor Seat ticket package a can't-miss premium experience.
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Club Seats
Lower-Level Sideline

The Club level achieves the perfect blend of closeness to the action and distance for perspective of the game to give you the best sightline in the Smoothie King Center.

Along with center-stage seating, Club seat holders enjoy premium dining and bar service in the renovated and restyled North and Evamor Clubs. Now with a more contemporary feel, comfortable lounge-style seating, and flat-screen TVs as far as the eye can see, both Clubs allow you to eat, drink, and socialize without missing a basketball beat.

Being a member of this Club also gets guests in-seat wait service, a VIP entrance with early access to the Smoothie King Center, and the ability to purchase pre-sale tickets to concerts and events.
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"The thing I like the most about having Club seats is the vantage point you have when watching the game. The viewpoint from the seats gives you a great perspective of the plays unfolding." - Susan Doell, Season Ticket Holder since 2009

All-Inclusive Supersuite

All-In-One ExperienceThis ticket package is more than just a seat in the stands - it's an all-inclusive social experience.

With seating, food, and drinks all part of your package and located in one spot, you can leave your wallet (and worries) at home in this spacious Supersuite. In addition to all the beer, wine, soft drinks, and food you care to have, the HUB Club offers spacious seating and room to mingle making it the best spot in the Smoothie King Center to socialize without missing any of the live game action.

And, like other premium seating areas, HUB Club guests have the option of using a VIP entrance for early access to the Smoothie King Center.
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There truly is no better setting than a Suite.

Completely renovated and redesigned to offer the very best in first-class amenities, personal service, and exclusivity, Suites provide a self-controlled environment that can serve as an extension of your office.

The perfect place to do business, impress and entertain clients, and make guests feel special, Suites are more than just an all-inclusive seating location - they are a company asset that acts as a brand ambassador.

In addition to all the game-night perks of Suites, Suite holders also have access to a VIP entrance for early entry to the Smoothie King Center and the right of first refusal on concerts and events.
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"Forming long-term, mutually profitable partnerships is part of CBC's mission and our Suite provides great opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with our stakeholders on multiple levels." - David Lane, Sr. Vice President, Canal Barge Company, Inc.