Belinelli Leads Spurs Past Pelicans
Pelicans vs. Spurs: Marco Belinelli scores 18 points, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili each add 15 points as the Spurs defeat the Pelicans.
Pelicans at Spurs Postgame - Brian Roberts 3/29/14
Pelicans guard Brian Roberts talks about his return and tonight's loss to the Spurs on the road.
Pelicans at Spurs Postgame - Austin Rivers 3/29/14
Pelicans guard Austin Rivers talks about the team's loss to the Spurs on the road.
Pelicans vs. Spurs: First half
Kawhi Leonard has 12 points, Manu Ginobili is adding nine points as the Spurs lead the Pelicans 52-35 at the half.
Evans Dishes It Up
Tyreke Evans lead the Pelicans after Anthony Davis left the game with an ankle injury finding his teammates notching 15 assists.
Evans Leads Davis-less Pelicans Over Jazz
Jazz vs. Pelicans: Tyreke Evans scores 22 points and dishes out 15 assists beating the Jazz without Anthony Davis due to ankle injury.
Anthony Davis Injury
Anthony Davis has some discomfort with his left leg and would leave the game.
3/28/14 Austin Rivers Postgame vs Jazz
New Orleans Pelicans guard Austin Rivers talked about winning the game without Anthony Davis
3/28/14 Anthony Morrow Postgame vs Jazz
New Orleans Pelicans guard Anthony Morrow talks about the team's win over the Utah Jazz
3/28/14 Monty Williams Postgame vs Jazz
New Orleans Pelicans head coach Monty Williams talks about Anthony Davis' injury in the first half and their 5 game winning streak
Jazz vs. Pelicans: First half
Tyreke Evans scores 13 points as the Pelicans lead the Jazz 43-38 at the half.
Stiemsma's Got Skills
Greg Stiemsma goes behind-the-back to find Anthony Morrow in the corner who drains the triple.