What the Washington Wizards had to say about 94-93 win over the Pelicans (2/22/14)

Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman
On the game
“We finally got into the game in the second half. I told the guys, ‘Whatever routine you guys are doing here at home has to change.’ We had no emotion in that first full half, it was kind of playing up and down the floor. We got into it and showed some emotion in the second half, played with some feeling and desire. That was the difference. The last three minutes, we held them to the two points that Davis got with the foul at the end. When we get locked into a routine, it’s pretty good. For whatever reason, when were here at home, we think it’s automatically going to happen. You take any win, any way you can get it and I am proud that they stuck with it and kept fighting, even when it looked bad and made plays down the stretch. Our bigs were really huge tonight, I thought they played really great the whole game. Obviously Nene got inspired, and we kind of feed off that. When John and those guys play with emotion, you feed off it. Our bigs were really terrific tonight and John made two plays at the end that you can’t teach. He got to the basket for the layup. For being down by one with the time running down, under control to make that last play to Nene for the dunk. It was good execution down the stretch. That’s something that we’ve worked hard on this year.”

On Andre Miller
“He is who he is. Obviously his legs aren’t there. He’s a 90% free throw shooter. It’s going to take a little bit, get him running up and down the floor, and get his legs back underneath him. He just makes those little plays that no one really sees, like the throw ahead to Brad for a dunk and Brad was struggling. He saw him up there on the sideline and threw it to him and Brad gets the dunk. He is who I think he is and it’s good that he’s here.”

On playing better at home
“If it is, we have to stop it. I don’t care what the reason is; we’re doing it for some reason. Whether it’s that we’re so comfortable that we’re at home and everything will be fine because we’re at home. We’ve got to stop that somehow. We need to change our routine. I might put them in a hotel room the night before.”

Wizards Guard Andre Miller
On the game
“I thought I probably played too many minutes. I’m just happy the team got a win. It was fun to be back out there. I felt a little bit tired.”

On fitting in with the second unit
“I’m going to fit in fine. I got some shooters with Martell, some athletes with Booker and Seraphin. He’s just coming in and banging around. I’m going to try and get the ball up a little bit more, quicker and probably stabilize the bench a little bit more.”

On getting his legs back
“It will probably take about a week. My wind was cool. I’m not too worried about the offense right now. If I do feel like I need to put a shot up, I’m just going to go into the post and try to get something easy. The legs will come.”

On the excitement of the game
“I guess the thing around here is not playing down at home, playing with more energy and find a way to pick it up and get some shots to go down the stretch.”

On Nene
“He played well, that’s the Nene I know. He was aggressive, kind of an animal down there. It’s good to see a guy play in the post like that.”

Wizards Guard John Wall
On the end of the game
“I knew that the last three minutes and a half, they didn’t score, only those two points Anthony Davis got all those free-throws. We just got to find a way to bring that same energy and play the same way that we do on the road. That’s something we’re not bringing and that’s not the way to give back to your crowd and your fans when they come out and support us this year.”

On what he saw on the last play
“I wanted to shoot the jump shot, but I knew he was playing it so I got the opportunity to get behind him and I saw Anthony Davis come and I was going to try and wrap around towards Marcin [Gortat], but [Jeff] Withey came at the same time. I just saw Nene right there and that was the easiest, safest pass, and luckily he got it off in time.”

On Nene’s play tonight
“That’s big. We know he’s not going to get 30 every night. That’s the way we want him to play, like he did, freely. This seems like the best he did. Right away, when he caught the ball, he knew that he wanted to shoot his jump shot. He didn’t hesitate or pump fake, that’s the way you got to be.”

On the bigs
“You have to give credit to our bigs. They really stepped up, we give them credit for winning this game. Nobody really played well or shot the ball well, but we locked it down defensively as a team and made the big plays.”

On his expectations for having a veteran as a backup point guard
“Just keep learning from him. He’s [Andre Miller] a very crafty veteran point guard. I think a lot of people expected more today, but he only practiced with us four days. He’ll be straight, he’ll be fine. He’ll definitely get that second group going. He’s very crafty.”

On what he expects to learn from Andre Miller
“Just about as much as I can. He’s been in the playoffs and played 14 or 15 years. Just sitting down and talking to him and picking his brain. That’s a guy you can learn from. It’s a guy that loves the game and is still playing at 37. I hope I can be playing at 37.”