What the Utah Jazz had to say about 111-105 win over the Pelicans (11/14/13)

Utah Coach Tyrone Corbin
On how good a win feels

“I feel a lot better. We should. I feel great for these guys. We’ve been through a lot of struggles but there’s no
quit in them. You saw it again tonight. We got down but they didn’t quit on it. The team stayed together for it and it was a great win for the team.”

On playing Diante Garrett down the stretch

“Diante did a great job coming in and just doing whatever we needed to do to get a win.”

Utah guard Diante Garrett
On the butterflies of playing his first game

““(There were) a lot of them in there. But once I got the ball in my hand, they kind of went away and I didn’t even
pay attention.”

On playing in the NBA

"It’s about, whenever your name is called, your number, whatever, you’ve got to be ready. When they called me,
I was already ready, and when I got out here, Coach and the teammates had confidence in me, and I had
confidence in myself already, so that that boosted my confidence even more.”

Utah center Enes Kanter
On getting the win

“It feels good. Thanks God, thanks all. We put our heart on the game today. It feels good.”

On Derrick Favors

“He played really good. Offensively, defensively, he helped us a lot. He’s a huge part of our team, and when he’s
in foul trouble, I just try and do my job. Just box people out and get rebounds.”

On Diante Garrett

“I’m shocked. He played really good. He came last night, and then he played today. He got physical. He played
unbelievable, I appreciate him. He stepped up big time and played big.”

Utah forward Derrick Favors
How good does it feel to get that first win

“We finally get that monkey off our back. We’ve been working hard during practice to get this win. We’ve just got to continue. We’ll go into practice tomorrow, work hard and try and get the win this next game. We knew how
hard we work in practice, and we knew that sooner or later the chemistry was going to get down, and people
were going to hit shots they would normally make. We knew it was going to happen, and we were just being
patient with it…We just have to enjoy this win and get back to work tomorrow.”

On playing aggressive

“I just wanted to set the tone early. Just come out and be aggressive. Rebounding, defense, scoring…whatever.
Just come out being aggressive kind of set the tone for the team early on.”

Utah forward Richard Jefferson
On Coach Ty Corbin

“I’ve got a little bit left in the tank. And I can’t thank Coach Corbin enough for sticking with me. I know the last
few games I haven’t shot the ball well, but I try to do things. I try to be professional. I try and put that work in,
and Coach Corbin’s been there. He’s a 16-year vet. I know he’s under a lot of stress, because he wants to get
the win, but Coach Corbin’s doing a great job. He’s not getting the best poker cards right now and he’s playing
the cards that are dealt to him. Just the way he’s handled the young guys; you can’t get on them too much
because you need them to produce, but at the same time being a disciplinarian. He’s done as well of a job as
anyone I’ve seen since I’ve been in the league.”