What the Utah Jazz had to say about 105-98 loss to the Pelicans (11/20/13)

Utah Coach Tyrone Corbin
On being so close and then the Pelicans taking a bigger lead
“We turned the ball over. It was turnovers, two bad ones right there in a bad time during the game where they could go down and score two layups and get a run from there. Those are mistakes we can’t afford to make, especially on the road. We just can’t afford to make them for whatever reason, we’re young or whatever, we just can’t afford to make them.”

On if it was a young team losing composure leading to the double digit lead
“You have to grow through it. This is who we have and this is who we are going to be. We can’t manufacture anyone else to put on the floor. We have to learn through it on the fly here. I think the effort tonight was a lot better. Gordon (Hayward) only shot 1-for-17, but it happens and we were right there in the ballgame and we turned the ball over a few times. They got a second shot a couple times, and they just made a run from there.”

On Anthony Davis’ blocked shots tonight
“He is a player in this league that has grown in the years he has been in the league and every year he continues to get better. As his body is getting better, his understanding of how to play and who he is is getting better. He just plays the game, he makes plays because he is trying to play the game right.”


Jazz guard Trey Burke
On tonight’s game
“It was a loss. We hate losing, so we just look forward to coming out against Dallas and trying to get a win.”

On if he wanted more minutes tonight
“Absolutely, but I understand it was a time restriction. I think that was the main reason why I didn’t play as much as everyone expected me to play. That’s how it is coming off of an injury. Coach wanted to shelter me a little bit so that I wasn’t out there too long to where I was risking another injury. Then again, I think it was more about the time restriction that they had on the game. It was just like that tonight. I feel like we were in the game. We could’ve contained Ryan Anderson a little bit more. That was the biggest difference.”

On how he feels
“It feels good. It’s a little sore right now. It feels secure taped to my middle finger. It feels regular. As far as my conditioning, I got a little tired out there at first the first five minutes. Once he put me back out there in the fourth, my adrenaline was already pumping and I was ready to go.”


Jazz guard John Lucas
On gaining his focus again
“That’s what I do. I’m a shooter. I’ve never lost confidence in my shot. I think that I was just putting too much pressure (on my game) on it, and us losing got me feeling like I wasn’t performing like I usually perform. I put a lot of pressure on myself. Coach told me don’t worry about that, to just go out there and play the game and enjoy the game. That is what I have been doing.”

On Ryan Anderson
“Ryan Anderson came off the bench and gave them a spark. You can’t give that guy an inch of space because he has a clip on him. He can really shoot the ball.”