What the Spurs had to say about 102-95 win over the Pelicans (2/3/14)

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich
On what went wrong in the first half
“We gave up 54 points and made a lot of mental errors. We didn’t guard the hot guys we had talked about, didn’t guard the cold guys that we’d talked about. A lot of mental errors defensively. It was a very disappointing half, we were not happy. In the second half, our defense got solid. They scored 41 and that fueled us. It got us on a break, and obviously down the stretch Tony Parker was a monster.”

On what affected Anthony Davis’ performance
“Nobody just stops a guy like that. He had a tough night finding the basket and we did a pretty good job at it so it was a combination, really.”

Spurs center Tiago Splitter
On the win
“We knew that we were making mistakes in the first half. A lot of mistakes, and we’re not hitting shots. That’s a bad combination. In the second half, we played team defense. Everybody was aware of Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon. We stuck together and knew we had a chance to win the game, even though the shots weren’t falling. Tony came in at the last quarter and started to make shots. Then Danny (Green), Patty (Mills) and (Matt) Bonner hit some threes at the right time for us.”

Spurs forward Danny Green
On Coach Popovich at half time
“Yes, he got on us a little bit. That’s the nature of the business, and that’s what happens here. It’s not anything new with me.”

On the difference in the game
“They did a great job of staying on the offensive glass, getting put-backs, tip-ins and deflections. They were shooting well, but we knew the tables were going to turn for us if we kept shooting it. Our experience came up big. We started picking it up and locking down defensively. We started doing a better job of helping each other and doing the little things that helped us get back in the game. And once we got back into it, we knew we had a chance to win it.”