What the Pistons had to say about 103-101 loss to the Pelicans (1/24/14)

Pistons Coach Maurice Cheeks
On if he told team about the time-out
“No I didn’t. I tried to call a time-out and that time-out is on me.”

On Pelicans comeback after third-quarter run
“They got back into it by some defensive lapses and some 3-point shots by (Anthony) Morrow. That’s how they got back in it. Our perimeter defense for the most part, for the whole game was like that; where they kept getting a little crack and getting inside the lane. That’s how they’ve been scoring; getting inside the paint like that.”

Pistons center Andre Drummond
On seventh straight double-double
“I don’t even pay attention to them (double-doubles) most of the time, I’d rather win.”

On having doubts in the fourth quarter
“We never have doubts, we just make poor decisions down the stretch of the game sometimes and we have to get better at it; nip that in the bud and try to finish games up.”

On losing
“That was a tough rebound at the end of the game and Anthony Davis just tipped the ball in. I have to do a better job of being more aware in those types of situation. You have to learn from these situations, absolutely. I’m getting tired of the same, we got to move on from taking losses, it’s not a good feeling.”