What the Philadelphia 76ers had to say about 135-98 loss to the Pelicans (11/16/13)

76ers Coach Brett Brown
On the loss
“When you look at how it happened, there were so many blocked shots. In the first half, it was similar to a volleyball game. They (Pelicans) had nine blocked shots in the first half, and they set them off in transition. They are all good athletes and whether it was drop-off passes or dunks, it was off they went. I felt like we were behind the ball at the start of transition. They are a good team, a really good team; and you look at what Ryan Anderson does when he is back in the lineup.”

On still trying to achieve goals in the loss
“It is hard because there is a human aspect when you look up at the scoreboard and it has that type of balloon in margin. I thought our guys ended the game in the fourth period and gave it their best effort. I decided to sit our more senior players and let those young guys play it out. We have another game in Dallas and when we play back-to-back (games), it is hard. I thought our group stayed together and that was a big margin.”

76ers forward Thaddeus Young
On the keys for the Pelicans
“It was transition. Transition and covering the paint. They (Pelicans) did just whatever they wanted to do tonight.”

On the blocked shots of the Pelicans
“Even when we were turning the ball over, they were just pacing. They were using our own strategy against us. They did a pretty good job of just pushing the basketball. I think when Ryan Anderson came into the game and Tyreke Evans came into the game that was the turning point. Tyreke I think went off for eight straight, and then Ryan went for like nine or 10. We just have to stop those kind of spurts when they check into the game.”

76ers forward Evan Turner
On the game
“I just think as a team, we all in general need to try and start distributing because they were doubling and showing on my plays. I was trying to go to the line and get a rhythm, but I didn’t get to the line. That’s pretty much it, and it just snowballed.”

On the Pelicans blocked shots
“They did a great job with that and getting out in transition. They made some threes and they made shots and they were feeling good and it made for a long night.”