What the Philadelphia 76ers had to say about 121-105 loss to the Pelicans (11/29/13)

76ers Coach Brett Brown
They got inside a lot tonight also, out, early. Were you kind of scrambling trying to figure out what to cover better, or did they just have a good game offensively?
“I think two things. I think they’re a good team. I think they’re a hard team for us to guard. I think at times when we tried to extend the defense and press, they went through it and they had success at the back end, even when we went through a press. I think some of it was just poor defense where priority of guarding our man and our ability to have some type of presence at the rim didn’t exist. It felt like there were a lot of layups being taken. There were far too many layups being taken.”

A positive thing for Tony Wroten to be able to come back, playing as if his back isn’t really bothering him
“That’s a positive. Tony is so young. There are times you want everything from him at a very young age. You want him playing with a level of maturity. You want him seeing the floor and understanding when people are up the floor, open, and then he’s got a disposition where he’s going to take on the world. He’s going to get to the rim at all costs, and to have him back is a good thing, but along with that there is a growth that he’s going to have to come to grips with if the point guard position is going to be his natural position.”

76ers forward Thaddeus Young
There are times where sometimes the mismatches are to your disadvantage. That could be one of the teams that it is, correct?
“Yeah, definitely. They have a lot of guys that stretch the floor, a lot of guys who can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket, and big strong guards, and they’re a good, solid team. They have young guys but they’re veteran guys and they can play. ”

Do you see improvement defensively or do you see that it goes kind of back and forth for you guys, where sometimes it gets better and then sometimes it takes a step back?
“I think it goes back and forth. Right now, that’s been the thing all season long is, we’re a young team and sometimes we tend to have a great game defensively, and then we’ll come back out and lose some of the defensive principles that we had. We’ve just got to go out there and keep paying attention and locking it in.”

76ers forward Evan Turner
What was it like going against Jrue [Holiday]? Obviously he had a good game, but does that add anything more to your game or take maybe something away from it?
“No, it’s great Jrue did well. Obviously we wanted to win. A guy like Jrue, you want him on your side, but once again, I wish nothing but success for him and for him to keep growing as he is, so that’s it.”

When you hit these struggling times, do you have to kind of talk to these younger guys and help them along now that you’re one of the veterans?
“Absolutely. We’re not even 20 games in yet, so you can’t really get too up and down emotionally. You just have to find a way to figure it out and keep working. So you’ve just got to help them and explain it to them a little bit and come in each day to practice with a new mindset.”