What the Pelicans had to say about 112-93 loss to the Spurs (11/25/13)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On guarding and sharing the ball

“We really didn’t do a good job of either one tonight. I thought their offense was about as crisp as any offense we’ve ever seen. There were times when we were a bit discombobulated on the offensive end.”

On defensive effort

“Defensively, they ran their sets really hard and we didn’t give them much resistance, but we still had a chance in the first half. With a young team, you’re going to have moments like that, and I thought we were ready to play against that. We just didn’t show the resilience we did in the Cleveland game.”

On failing to improve in the second half
“We didn’t raise our level. You have games like that. Our guys usually finish games like that with a high level of remorse, but we’ll see how we bounce back and play tomorrow’s game.”

On shooting
“There were a number of opportunities at the basket where we just flipped the shot up there and didn’t really shoot it with a lot of purpose. Their defense was sound; they contested a lot of shots, but I thought were not as strong at the basket tonight. I thought we were flipping shots at the rim, as opposed to going to the rim strong.”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday
On the game

“Sometimes they’re not falling, even at the rim. I know I had a point blank one at the end of the half. Sometimes it happens.”

On the Spurs

“They execute well. They’re a veteran team that knows their offense really well. They know where they’re supposed to be, and their execution is pretty good.”

On what he learned from the Spurs
“Really just play hard. Play hard and try to execute the same way they do. That’s where we go back in and teach and learn, and just know each other better and learn where we’re supposed to be. Obviously they’re a veteran team and we’re going to have more games like this. Nothing really to get down on, just have to learn from it and come back strong.”

Pelicans Center Jason Smith
On game

“San Antonio played harder than us. They executed their offense better than us, they were more aggressive on defense, and they just played a better game than us tonight.”

On the Spurs

“That’s a good team over there. San Antonio is a playoff-tested team, a Finals-tested team. We want to get to that level. We’re still learning. We have to fine tune some things, but tonight we just didn’t have it.”

On the Pelicans level of energy

“Not so much energy, we just didn’t have an answer for their offense. They were out there getting anything they wanted on offense. We just didn’t make it tough for them. That’s a little bit on our part, a majority on our part actually, but we’ll bounce back from this. We have another game tomorrow. We’ll be all right. We’ll come back tomorrow and be ready to compete.”