What the Orlando Magic had to say about 110-90 win over Pelicans (11/1/13)

Pacers Coach Jacque Vaughn:
On his team’s progress:

“It was just a great overall team effort, just really committed to the game plan. Focused on responsibilities and really sharing the basketball and playing for and with each other. It was a great response after a tough loss on the road.”

On his team’s improved efforts at the free throw line:

“I just think it’s a mindset for our guys that the flow of the game created opportunities for us to be aggressive. This time we got into the bonus and had the chance to take advantage of that. I think our guys understand that, that makes the game a little easier if you can get to the free throw line. Nobody is guarding you there. We got it from post positions tonight, throwing the ball inside and we also got it from perimeter attack. It was good to see it from both areas tonight.”

On Arron Afflalo playing through a potential injury:

“He had no qualms or any reservation that he would be ready to play tonight and that’s what guys who have been there and done that before do. They respond the next night and you realize that you still earn your pay, you still lead your group, and you still come to play.”

On Maurice Harkless playing more aggressively:

“We want all our guys to be aggressive and I think overall his focus at the beginning of the game from the tip, from warm ups, form his concentration in film. I think overall he was ready to play tonight and it showed. That’s the mindset and the attitude that every player has to have each night. There are no nights off unfortunately and that’s the great thing about this game, that when you do take a night off, a lot of times you pay for it. Great focus overall from each individual that stepped on the floor tonight.”

On his team’s rebounding:

“At the beginning of the game, definitely in the first half, there were probably four or five opportunities where we had good stops defensively. Our initial thrust was pretty good and then offensive rebounds allowed them to get three or four put backs. We talked about it at halftime about guards helping and guards did a really good job of just putting their bodies on their bigs in the second half and giving our big guys some help.”

On Victor Oladipo’s increased role:

“We’ll keep pushing him and give him more and expect more but, at the same time be patient and understanding that this is a tough job that he has. He is more than capable of doing good things for us.”

Arron Afflalo:
On slow starts this season:

“To protect our home court is a big emphasis this year. Furthermore, we lost a tough game, the last game; personally I had a horrible defensive mistake at the end of it. So to come out tonight and perform well as a team in front of our home court was really good.”

“I was telling Jameer that Nic, Andrew and Mo, those guys have gotten so much better it makes the game so much easier for me, this season in particular. I think that’s something that will help me throughout the season.”

“We have a year of experience under our belt. Last year up until the trade deadline and the back portion of last season, it was kind of me running around out there a little bit with some experience. The guys grew a lot towards the end of the season. I think their expectation of winning every night is definitely rising.”

Andrew Nicholson:
On his three point shot:

“I did a lot of hard word over the summer time and it’s translating into the game and I’m getting more opportunity to hit the three. It’s been going down but I’ve got to continue to work.”

On playing with Kyle O’Quinn:

“We just have a great chemistry. We hang out with each other a lot so we have a better feel for each other’s game.”

Kyle O'Quinn:
On Coach Vaughn:

“He does a good job of handling the young guys. As well as mentally going into games. We didn’t have a good showing in Minnesota and we lost a nail biter that we were supposed to win. So mentally he helped us out a lot.”

“Being early in the year two wins really doesn’t define a team. We have to go out there and stand for something. Get in front of the fans, home fans and just protect something. Protect the home court. I think that was the fuel tonight, the energy in the gym, all the 25th anniversary stuff. We just need that to carry on for the rest of the season.”

On his shots tonight:

“Just shooting all the time in practice. Guys talking to me, guys helping me, guys like Max, veterans saying let it fly. Tonight was just a night that I was just letting it go.”