What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 98-96 win over the Clippers (3/26/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On what contributed to the win

“We’ve got a great group of guys who continue to compete at a high level with a number of things against us. No Eric (Gordon), no Austin (Rivers), no B-Rob (Brian Roberts), Tyreke (Evans) steps up and plays point guard for the majority of the game. Darius (Miller), he’s a guy that I didn’t know was going to be able to play at that kind of level because he just hasn’t done it. To his credit, he stepped up when we needed him. He played point guard, knocked down big shots, and played great defense. Not only did we beat a good team, we beat a team that’s got a chance to win a title.”

On limiting the opponent’s level of physicality

“There’s an appropriate fear that you have to have of your opponent but then there’s a line that you don’t cross which is too much respect. I thought we’d given them way too much respect. They’re a great team, they’ve got the best point guard in the game. I know A.D. (Anthony Davis) wanted to prove that he and Blake (Griffin) are on the same level. But at the same time, we put our jerseys on, we pray before we go out there on the floor, we believe in our talent and the work we put in. You just have to let that be your guide as opposed to guessing whether or not you’re going to win the game before it even starts.”

Pelicans Guard Anthony Morrow
On defeating a playoff caliber team with a depleted lineup
“That’s a huge win for us. I can’t tell you how proud of my teammates I am. That was great. We came out and competed all night. Forty-eight minutes. We need forty-eight minutes from everybody, not forty-seven. Doesn’t matter if you are playing a lot or not. Darius Miller came in, hadn’t played in a while, his confidence wasn’t right, but he stuck with it. I’m glad that he had a huge game and helped us out a lot. We never believe we are out of a game. We don’t go into any game like that because with that mentality we already lost. We came in here tonight and knew what we were against. Coach (Williams) brought us in and told us there are no excuses. I reiterated that with the team before the game, and everybody took that to heart. We had great energy. That was a great win and I’m just proud of everybody.”

On his strong performance
“I just thank God for the opportunity. My teammates found me. We had some mismatches and stuff like that. Of course they have Chris Paul and guys like that, so we tried to take them out of their speed game. It was tough obviously, but we took advantage of what we had over them, which is size and height. Tyreke (Evans) did a great job running the team, Anthony (Davis) did a great job with two fouls. He came in the second half and was really aggressive. He got huge rebounds and altered shots. I’m really proud of this team.”

Pelicans Forward Darius Miller
On the key to tonight’s victory
“Coming out and competing. We just wanted to give it our all, play hard and not really think about who we were playing against. We just wanted to come out, compete and play as hard as we could.”

On his strong effort
“I just knew I had an opportunity. I wanted to come out and play aggressively on both ends of the court. I just so happened to have a good game. I think everybody did though, everybody stepped up and that is the reason why we won.”

On the possibility of repeating his performance
“Hopefully. We’ll see. Like I said, I had an opportunity tonight and wanted to take advantage of it. I’m a day-by-day guy, so I have to get back to work tomorrow.”