What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 96-89 loss to the Kings (3/3/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On the game

“It’s the same old song. We had the game in our grasp and we were up five or six in a two-and-half minute stretch we go from up five or six to down nine. We missed about six free throws in a row and that just broke our rhythm. Then after that we couldn’t get it back. We played decent up until that point. In the third I thought we were starting to get a rhythm and then we got to that point and it went away.”

On Anthony Davis

“He missed a lot of open shots tonight. He was 0-8 in the first half. He kind of got it back in the second. He was attacking. He hit a couple of jump shots, short jump shots but if he goes 0-8 then we do what we did in the third it’s tough for us to win.”

Pelicans Center Alexis Ajinca
OKings’ advantage on the glass and in the paint
“They were very aggressive, strong inside the paint then going to the rebound. It was basically one-on-one most of the time and sometimes we need some help on the box out. It doesn’t always fall on the big man; sometimes it falls on the guard to come and help us out. The whole game was based on the rebound and that’s where they crushed us and that’s basically why they won the game.”

Tomorrow’s game
“They’re a big team. We definitely want to win a game before we go back to New Orleans so we’re going to do everything possible to come back with a win.”

Pelicans Guard Eric Gordon
Trying to get a rhythm early
“It did affect us a little bit early. We put them on the free throw line a little bit too much tonight and that was the name of the game. They shot the ball pretty well and they really turned up in that second half. Definitely in that third quarter we were up, took the lead and they came back on a tough stretch going into the quarter and they started knocking down a lot of shots.”